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The Mother Of Invention

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the mother of invention say’s a third party is a necessity.  I’m not talking about “The Green Party”, or any party that presently exists; I’m talking about a new party that will meet the needs of OWS, plus the bloggers here at FDL, as well as the bloggers on Glen Ford’s blog.

The biggest problems we are currently facing are economic and social.  It’s gotten pointless to even discus Obama and The Democratic Party in regard to a solution to our problems, they work for the corporations, that’s who pays them, they only pander to us in order to get our votes.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Glen Ford’s blog lately, and what I discovered is that all the problems I saw in regard to African American issues boiled down to “social and economic issues”, every one in the lower middle class has been victimized since the first Bush Administration, and that same victimization has continued into the present.  Although these problems are more visible in African American communities, they exist all over this country.  None of these problems will be addressed unless we have a seat at the table of power and money, represented by a third party.

While African Americans concluded that having “African Americans” in the White House was the solution to social and economic problems plaguing that community, it turned out wrong; they represent the same people White Republicans represent, the corporations.  “Race is obsolete” in regard to our objectives, and we must make this known.  

This diary is a result of reading all the comments on “Democrats Open The Door On Cuts To Social Security”.


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