Weird, eh?

Why did you wipe us out if you were just going to wipe yourselves out later?


Fukushima Update:

This is really scary. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I dunno. What could cause NOTHING over that large an area if not radiation.

This is also an interesting coincidence. Both deepwater dwellers.

Where are the sardines that would normally be in the current flow from Japan? I’m a Deadliest Catch fan and I wonder if they’ll catch any crab. Or what the crab will look like.

In terms of the plants physical condition, it appears to have little additional damage from the Typhoon, though a LOT of hot water was released.  Here’s a pretty good update as to where things are, however remember that Japan Times is probably under quite a bit of official pressure to not make waves.

Are we ready for LiFi?

This is cool! We’re using DNA to assemble larger items from nano particles. How long will it be before we can just line up atoms as we wish?

The last home of the Neanderthals? No, not the GOP, in Britain!

Since Pluto’s demotion, we could say that all the planets in our solar system orbited more or less in the ecliptic plane. Not true for other solar systems!

The brightest supernovas may be magnetar powered. This would explain a lot.

Testing your math AND your sense of humor. I got ’em all right!!!

Found a chunk of the big meteor that exploded over Russia. I don’t understand why that wasn’t bigger news, if that meteor had lasted just 2 seconds more before exploding it would have been worse than Hiroshima on the ground.

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