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Dick Durbin Shows the Democratic Party’s True Colors

Yesterday, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Fascist, Illinois), said “If we don’t focus on health care and dealing with the entitlements, the baby boomer generation is going to blow away our future.” At least he lives up to his first name. You’re a real dick, Dick.

Portrait of Dick Durbin

“Dick Durbin is a real …”

He didn’t stop there. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, probably to throw off Democratic partisans and progressives who refuse to ever watch Murdoch’s propaganda network, he proclaimed:

Social Security is going to run out of money in 20 years. I want to fix it now, before we reach that cliff. Medicare may run out of money in 10 years, let’s fix it now. And that means addressing the skyrocketing cost of health care. That’s what ObamaCare is focused on, and yet, the Republicans want nothing to do with it.

Notice the oh-so-clever rhetorical ploy. Only ObamaCare can save us. Never mind the fact that it legally requires American citizens to purchase corporate health insurance, or else. Never mind the fact that it is a perfect example of Benito Mussolini’s definition of Fascism as being equal to corporatism because “both believe in advancing corporate interests by the use of state(ie government) power.”

Full disclosure: I would have completely missed this if it weren’t for those ever-so-watchful Trotskyites over at the World Socialist Web Site in this article. It’s a nice, concise read.

As the article goes on, both Mitch McConnell and George Will chimed in, the latter gloating that:

‘We are now talking entirely in Republican terms, in Republican vocabulary after this so-called defeat,’ he said. ‘No taxes, how much is the spending going to be cut? The federal workforce is being cut, discretionary domestic spending is being cut…’

The Washington Post, of course, chimed in right on cue:

Ten years from now, the US government will be spending $4 on entitlements for every dollar it spends on all other domestic functions… In short, the costs of an aging society would crowd out other vital national functions, while the country goes deeper into the red.

Notice what is NOT mentioned. Military spending. Corporate welfare. The cost of imperial wars. The ridiculously low tax rates on the obscene wealth of what the WSWS accurately calls the “financial aristocracy.” The gross and accelerating accumulation of wealth into the hands of maybe a couple of hundred thousand families in this country. Oh, no, neither the Democratic nor Republican Parties have any problems with any of the above; noooo … let’s punish those greedy ex-hippy geezers, the baby boomers, in order to save us all from budget Armageddon. As for you younger people, you’ve been told all your lives that Social Security and Medicare won’t be around for you, anyway, so why should you care?

It’s all a huge lie, of course. As has been detailed just on FDL more times than I can count, Social Security and Medicare have their own funding mechanisms, and if properly allowed to function (e.g. lifting the cap on Social Security contributions), they’d be just fine. If the bloated defense budget were halved, say, and corporate welfare was eliminated, there’rd be more than enough to provide Medicare for All and Then Some.

The bottom line is that a very small and wealthy elite controls our government and both political parties. Whether you call it financial aristocracy, kleptocracy, plutocracy, oligarchy, or fascism, the results are the same: More for them, less for you, less for us, unless you are one of those lucky few. All this talk of the Republicans falling in the polls is just that, talk. And meaningless talk at that.

Money talks. Bullshit walks.

The real power in this country, the financial aristocracy, made damned sure IT didn’t get inconvenienced by any defaulting on the debt of the free money our government is giving to them. It will also make damned sure that the nominees of the Democratic and Republican Parties for President in 2016 isn’t about to rock its gilded boat, which is why I see something like a Hillary v Jeb/Clinton v Bush rematch in that year. It’s not about to relinquish its almost total control of Congress.

Dick Durbin just illustrated, as if Barack Obama’s almost five year performance hasn’t convincingly done so, for what and for whom the Democratic Party stands. So please, let’s stop any gloating over potential Republican losses. Even if they happen, it won’t help the vast majority of us.

Of course, some of you won’t listen to me. I’m not surprised.

The bourgeoisie will always choose comfort over reality.

That’s true, whether the comfort is physical, financial, emotional, or psychological. I wonder why that is. Well, more on that later. And have a nice night.

Public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons.

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