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Late, Late Night FDL: I’ve Seen All Good People

Yes – I’ve Seen All Good People

Yes was finally nominated for the Rock Hall of Fame, by a Bipartisan effort no less…

Voices For Yes is billed as “the only known bipartisan effort in Washington DC” – and while that’s not entirely true, it’s still unusual for conservatives and liberals to work together in a common cause.

Republican media operative John Brabender, who’s attended more than 40 Yes shows, tells The Atlantic: “I’ve been a Yes fan for decades.

“The genesis – that’s a pun – was two things. One, wouldn’t it be fun to work for once on a campaign where you were really passionate about the candidate and knew it was the right thing to do?

“And two, wouldn’t it be fun if you brought togethers Democrats and Republicans in an all-star team to go out and do it?”

Brabender’s opposite number is Tad Devine, a Democrat presidential campaign adviser. He says: “I think Yes are great. Some of the people involved are super-fans – they know every song and every album.”

Voices For Yes signed up 2000 supporters on the day it launched, with big names including ex-governor Mike Huckabee, radio host Michael Smerconish and former NBC News boss Steve Capus.

And although the campaign is strictly non-political, Brabender believes it could bear fruit for the future of US democracy. “It’s something we can come together on,” he says. “Maybe the first step to ending gridlock in Washington turns out to be music.”

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