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Come Saturday Morning: Winter Is Coming. So Is Spring.

After the events of the past week, I’m too drained to think of anything else besides what happens in the Northern Hemisphere round about this time.

Winter is coming, and that means a switch to using the oven much more. All those fancy dishes we didn’t want to make in August for fear of heating up the house or shooting up the electric bill are back on the menu. We start to eye the studded tires for our bikes, the tires we hung up in the garage rafters last April, and wonder when it will be time for them to go onto the bikes. The garden, such as it is, is put to rest or seeded with a cover crop to provide nutrients for the coming spring.

Yes, spring. For even as winter comes, spring comes as well.

So what’s on your mind this fine fall morning?

Photo by Margrit under Creative Commons license

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Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman