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The Roundup for October 18th, 2013

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Hello everyone, hope you are well today

International Politics


– UN to US: Release your drone assassination data since it violates international law

– Gallup: Government corruption is seen as a major problem in 108 out of 129 countries polled

Middle East

Jets bomb Syrian city after intelligence general killed

– Iran opening doors to tourists now

– Saudi Arabia snubs the UN seat on Security Council; states “UN failures” as reason why

– Pakistan tells UN that drone strikes killed at least 400 civilians

Thousands marched in Egypt for Morsi as one policeman is killed in Sinai

– “Taliban attack breaks months of silence in Kabul

South America

– Swastikas carved into gay man’s body in Chile as “national debate on hate crimes” rises


– Raids in Libya and Somalia show “American lawlessness”

– “Tunisia’s ruling Islamists, who have agreed to make way for a caretaker government, see elections within six months to put the country’s political transition back on track after months of unrest, a senior party official said on Friday.

– Libya’s military police chief gunned down by assilants


– French fascist party, National Front, drops a candidate after she states a politician looked like a monkey

Malala now meeting with Queen Elizabeth

About 60% of Russians see communism as a “good” system

– “Data released by the [Greek] government on Thursday shows that while a uniform pay scale for the public sector may exist in law, it does not exist in reality, despite much government fanfare that it had imposed standards and transparency on its salaries

– Greeks pay tribute to musician murdered by neo-Nazis

Member of Pussy Riot has been moved to another jail

Financial Matters

– Since the “end of the US Recession” (whatever that means), there are more elderly workers in the workforce and less young Americans

– “The sale of state land in northern Greece to a Canadian-controlled gold mining company was unlawful and contrary to the principles of the common market, the European Court of Justice ruled on Wednesday.

– HSBC is appealing against paying $2.5 billion in the US

– JP Morgan settles with $4 billion with government over housing charges

Surveillance Planet

– “Turkey blows Israel’s cover for Iran spy ring“; As that surfaces, both Israelis and Turkish folk distrust each other to a large level

– “The Eight Ways WikiLeaks Cables About Iceland Expose American Empire

– Snowden: Leaked documents safe from Russia and China

– Jeh Johnson, former Pentagon lawyer, will be reportedly nominated at new DHS head

– “Whistleblower [Edward Snowden] says he shared information with media because he could not trust internal reporting mechanisms

– The NSA has delayed an anti-leak software at where Snowden used to work at

– “The CIA and President: The Warm Embrace of Mutual Incrimination

Labor’s a-Brewing

– YES! Wal-Mart workers in one town in Florida are on strike in the face of firings and threats! Hoping for a victory, take ’em capitalists out.

– “UAW leadership views latest effort to organize auto plants in the right-to-work South as key to the union’s future. This story focuses on the current campaign to organize a Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi.

– San Francisco workers in transit on strike once again

– “On the heels of recently report showing that taxpayers lose when fast food workers, who receive low wages, are forced to seek public assistance (Univ. of California), fast food workers and their allies rallied in cities across the country. Front-leading New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio called for not only supporting efforts to raise the minimum wage, but to also help these workers organize.

– Brazilian oil workers walk off the job second day in a row

Politics USA


– Read on how one person tried to meet with John Boehner, his representative

– 62% of Americans have trust in public workers, but only 19% trust in government

– “Now that the whole bizarre episode appears to be over, it’s a good time to look at what it cost American taxpayers – and the science which we collectively support.

– Here is a map of the geographical layout of the House’s conservative core

– Pew: 50% of Americans dislike Speaker of the House John Boehner

– Pew: Democrats hold a six point lead over Republicans in the polls

– Harry Reid: Cruz is a “laughing stock

– Petition by MoveOn calls for arrest of GOP leadership

– Chamber of Commerce: “Enough silliness,” we’re gonna support real Republicans for the free market

Everything Else

– “Why I Will Never, Ever Go Back to the United States

– Millenials are still lagging in forming their own households

– “Historian Peter Kuznick says beneath the veneer of America’s commitment to democracy is this hard-nose policy which says: how are we going to keep 50 percent of the world’s wealth – and it’s not by idealism

– “Over the long weekend, California Gov. Jerry Brown chose to continue the 40 year old failed war on drugs.

– “Security guards not only failed to break up a fight between two high school football teams, but aided the home team by pepper-spraying only the visitors, the visiting team’s head coach clams in court.

– Our crimes against humanity are called “accidents” nowadays. 14 people died in 120+ degree weather in Texas prisons and those prisons are sued

– Beginning Monday, gay marriage is legal in New Jersey.

– Dallas police shoot a mentally ill man in the street

– NYC cops think Jolly Ranchers are meth

– Bittorrent settles $110 million with MPAA

– Man in NYC is charged with trying to join al-Qaeda

Top Gun! (Stories)

– “The Most Heartbreaking New Detail from the Ongoing Newtown Investigation

Health, Homelessness and Hunger

Flu season off to a typical start…for now

Gallup: Seven out of 10 uninsured Americans unfamiliar with health exchanges

– “Seven Horrifying Things About the Chicken you Eat

Huge difference in prescribing for elderly by regions, study says

– Experts are shocked by EU approval of fructose as “health claim”

– Despite leveling off, obesity rate still “epidemic

The War on Women

– “I’m Daisy Coleman, the teenager at the center of the Maryville rape media storm, and this is what really happened

– Fox News, once again the home of where pseudo-human beings with no soul live, rape shames the victim in Maryville.

– “Mary Gaitskill might not agree with me. But brilliant men and women get different critical reads, and it must stop

The abortion that could cost a mother her family

– Your cliche sexist capitalist and dating “expert” Brandon Wade: “Women love presents as dogs love treats

– Women in El Salvador jailed for miscarriages 

Planet Earth

– Oil companies in North Dakota sued for flared gas as “wasted gas”

– More information on how the Canadian police use thug tactics to take down anti-fracking protesters

– “The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity has removed coal-related educational sections from its website, less than two weeks after the launch of a grassroots campaign demanding that the pages be taken down.”

– “Why I’m Joining the Global Frackdown And So Should You

Electric cars now hitting the race track

– Man is attempting to become first climate change refugee

– Greenpeace activists awaiting trial

Mixed Bag

– “Facts and Myths About Infidelity

– Tea Party leader launching lawsuit against homosexuality (Think this is an Onion link? Take a gander)

– They got a LOT of time on their hands, those math folks. “Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta have arrived at a universal law of urination that explains why dogs, goats, cows and elephants — male and female — all take approximately 21 seconds to empty their bladders.

– “An article in the December edition of the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology argues that the Wari — the complex civilization that preceded the Inca empire between 600 and 1000 AD in the Andean highlands — didn’t rule by pillage, plunder and an aggressive bureaucracy.”

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