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Cory Booker Wins Special Senate Election

It’s almost time to get back out on the campaign trail for the 2014 election

In a surprise to no one Democrat Newark Mayor Cory Booker easily won the special senate election in New Jersey. Booker received 55 percent of the vote and his Republican opponent Steve Lonegan got 44 percent, with 99 percent of precincts reporting. Booker will now complete the remainder of Frank Lautenberg’s term which will end in roughly a year.

Booker held a commanding lead throughout the entire race and easily won in large part because New Jersey is such a Democratic heavy state.

Now that this campaign is over, Booker needs to start his next campaign almost immediately. To hold the seat Booker will need to run again in the 2014 general election, but he is also an overwhelming favorite in that race.

Booker is only the fourth African-American ever elected to the United States Senate and he will be the only African-American Senator currently serving.

Photo by Kars 4 Kids Car Donation under Creative Commons

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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