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Latte’ Liberals and The Self Righteous Right sowing the seeds of hell.

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I was having lunch today with a good friend, he son and the son’s friend. Seems the son’s friend was very near 21 and was indulging in some alcoholic beverages at a party when he got busted for it by the cops. A situation not uncommon for that age group and even younger. In fact drinking while under 21 could even be considered a tradition in this country as I do not remember a time when teens did not engage in it.

I don’t remember right off hand exactly what his punishment was, but I remember it being way over the top. We in this country have been going very over the top in the last 30 years of so. Implementing zero tolerance laws, stop and frisk and using police armed to the teeth for minor infractions. Most of which is aimed at those in the lower economic strata.

And yet those in the upper strata get off scott free.  Implementing laws and taxes that hurt only those who can least afford it. It’s no secret that these same folks who live in their big houses and take in fat pay checks, quite often allow their kids to indulge in drinking and smoking and drugs within their home but condemn this behavior in others. Too often they are the ones who also have a pretentious attitude toward eating meat or shopping at Walmart. I find it infuriating at best to read and hear these Latte’ Liberals and  Self Righteous Right Tea Party people  attack one another when they both indulge in the exact same behavior.

And now we read of another tragic situation, this time in Texas. Where some student commits suicide on campus. [Why does this kind of thing happen mostly in upper crust school districts ?]

Unfortunately this no longer surprises me and I am also finding it increasing hard to be dismayed by it as well.

Nor does the government paralysis of the last few week surprise me much. Brought about by to childish groups stamping their feet and saying “I DON’T HAVE TO…I DON’T HAVE TOO” like ill-mannered children. That is until it looked like Wall Street just might take away all their toys.

The reason for this should be pretty clear though to  most. We have generation of people who are completely irresponsible and actually expect irresponsible behavior from each other. Blaming each other and those below them for their own problems. Yet are dismayed if this kind of behavior has any consequences for them personally.

These Latte’ Liberals are all for social safety nets for those less well off just so long as their own personal economic, physical and emotional comfort is not interrupted in any way. After all they believe that they themselves are above it all.

The Self Righteous Right just wants to keep it all to themselves and screw everyone else. But retain the police and military to help guard their hoards.

The irony here is that both groups came from the same kind of molly-coddled upbringing of soccer moms and what their precious hearts desired. Where whatever behavior they presented was fiercely defended by their parents and protected from an consequences. Living in the best neighborhoods and attending the best schools which they make sure will only teach a curriculum that THEY approve. The best education money can buy.

Unfortunately all this leads to people lacking in imagination, creativity and  – worst of all – courage. It has generated generations who are risk averse.   That will always take the safest route even if it means they produce nothing of value. Becoming to afraid to make any bold moves, lest it may mean they lose something initially. Looking for the government to protect them and always having some kind of guarantee of this. Accepting what ever lie that comes their way that makes them feel good and safe. Worshiping at the alter of Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow like it was the Magic mirror mirror from Snow White. Telling each exactly what they want to hear and no more.

A guarantee of financial gain, of a long and healthy life. You name it. Irony number two, the biggest gains we made as a country and culture came when people did not expect guarantees of the outcome of their endeavors.  But life is not safe and neither does it feel good all the time. In fact many lived life styles that both groups would find appalling.

Not long ago people  were a lot more open minded and tolerant of one another.  Irony number three. People were a hell of a lot more open minded and tolerant when there were fewer guarantees and more struggles for more people. When even the well off had to mow grass.

In our quest for utopia we maybe sowing the seeds of hell.


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