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The Roundup for October 15th, 2013

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Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well.

Government Shutdown, Day 15

– Live blog of what is happening can be found hereTWO days until our government becomes illegitimate.

– What’s going on? Apparently, Boehner has failed to get a bill going in the House and the Senate is running around with no head. See you Thursday when our nation crumbles

– “The Tea Party and the New York Times shut down the government”

– Fitch is putting the US’ AAA credit rating on watch.

– Park ranger: “Stop blaming us for the government’s mess!

– Scientists in Antarctic blame government shutdown for missing a window of opportunity in research, state years of work compromised

– Here’s a timeline to remind you of what has happened

– “With just two days to go before an Oct. 17 deadline to raise the nation’s debt limit, 51% of the public views a rise in the nation’s debt limit as ‘absolutely essential’ in order to avoid an economic crisis, while 36% think the country can go past the deadline without major problems.

International Politics

– Doctor Without Borders: Treat Syria aid as urgently as chemical weapons

– “Negotiations in Geneva are due to go into a second day on Wednesday after the first ‘very detailed’ technical discussions between Iran and major powers over Tehran’s nuclear programme for years.

– Syrian clerics have said “starving Syrians” can eat dogs and cats.

– In Athens, SYRIZA has gained a 7 point lead.

– “Syriza MPs say Hellas Gold has moved hazardous arsenopyrite through nature reserves and residential areas on open trucks

– Yeah, that is what needed in exploited Greece. Volunteers. “While the country’s firefighters complain that their ranks are gravely understaffed, Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias says the ‘new doctrine’ when it comes to fighting forest fires will rest on the concept of ‘volunteering’

– Prime Minister of  Malta says EU inaction on immigration turning Mediterranean into “graveyard

– Malaysian court rules only Muslims can use “Allah”

– Abu Anas al-Liby has pleaded not guilty in trial today.

– “A bomb has ripped through a crowd of Sunni worshippers coming out of a mosque in northern Iraq after prayers at the start of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, killing 12 people and wounding 24, a police official has said.

A bomb went off in an Afghan mosque and has killed a governor of the Logar province and wounded 15.

– Libya has turned a zoo into a detention center for illegal immigrants

Financial Matters

– “How to Democratize the US Economy

– “Should It Cost Less to Get Out of Jail if You’re Rich?” Our two-tier system of justice at work

– “Think a new economy is possible? Meet the man who is making it happen

– “EU finance ministers prepared Tuesday to take a key step towards a new bank regulatory framework with final clearance of a single supervisor regime for the eurozone.

Fast Food Poverty — Understanding our costs with our mega-corporations.

– Ireland will close a loophole that Apple has used to its advantage

Surveillance Planet

– Juan Cole: “Now the NSA has your little black book

– NSA does more than collect emails, it “harvests address books

– “Lavabit, the encrypted email service once used by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, is open for business once more – at least until Thursday.”

– Snowden’s “unintended internet revolution

– “The secretive US court overseeing mass surveillance has told the Senate that it substantially modifies nearly a quarter of all government surveillance requests, even though it approves almost all of them.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– “After decades of exclusion, home care workers are finally covered by federal minimum wage laws. Anyone who works for social change can learn from how they did it.

Politics USA

– “Another US Whistleblower Behind Bars? Investor Jailed After Exposing Corrupt Azerbaijani Oil Deal

– Heavy viewers of cable TV news dedicate 72 minutes a day (on average)

More crime with second-generation of immigrants 

Discussing US imperialism and “American Exceptionalism”

The Cold War and the NYC elections

– Dave Zirin on Bob Costas’ comments on the term “Redskins” and the reaction from it

– “The family and supporters of an unarmed Chechen, shot in mysterious circumstances by FBI agents investigating his friendship with Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, have accused US authorities of mounting a campaign of “intimidation and harassment” against his associates.

– US government lifts restrictions on arms exports, which gives defense industry a win

– “A simple fix to the Golden Gate Bridge could save lives

– “What gives? California Governor Jerry Brown lines up with the NSA and prison-industrial complex

– A Guantanamo Bay prisoner writes a letter after his morning force feeding. It can be found here

– Ex-San Diego mayor Bob Filner pleads guilty to 3 charges related to sexual harassment

– Glenn Greenwald to leave the Guardian and set up a new venture. Details still yet to be known.

– “A North Carolina government official is seeking approval to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples in an effort to push marriage equality in his state, though the state Attorney General has already issued a statement indicating that the licenses will not be granted.”

We Don’t Need No Education

– Gallup: Americans favor online education more 

Top Gun! (Stories)

– “An inside look at an influential meeting of leading pro-gun minds.”

Health, Homelessness and Hunger

– Former patient confirms Nevada dumped him: “They wanted to get rid of me

Study states there is a link between low birthweight and air pollution from traffic

– Air pollution in Europe still harming EU civilians’ health

– Cancer is costing EU countries “billions

The War on Women

– “Justice for Daisy” is going viral

– “The Problem of Women in Science in Wikipedia

– Women in Afghanistan are risking losing gains after security transition

Planet Earth

– North Dakota is hiding an oil spill and here are photos of it

– “Greg Palast: Signs of radioactivity [near fracking sites] should be no surprise since Halliburton spent $25 Million to be excluded from Clean Water Act regulating fracking

– Ecuadorian National Assembly have approved drilling oil inside as Yasuni territory

-“Radical Political Economy Of The Environment

– A Once-A-Decade Typhoon is threatening the Fukushima Power Plant, which has been leaking

– $19 billion at stake — Chevron v Donzinger 

– Supreme Court to hear case on EPA’s regulations on greenhouse gases

– Okay now bear with me on this. Ex-Halliburton employee has admitted he destroyed evidence on the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill and pleaded guilty. Here’s the infuriating part. He faces one year in jail because of it. One. Year.

– “The Grassroots Battle Against Big Oil

Mixed Bag

– “Blood-soaked” Mayor Bloomberg states homelessness is not a problem anymore

Poetry is music to the mind, study says

Break Time

– Ligeti L’escalier du diable

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.