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Good Morning

Hey all, hope you’re doing well.

Columbus Day 

– Because it’s Columbus Day, here’s a collection of stories by the Real News on Indigenous People.

– Also, only 23 states allow their workers off today with pay.

Government Shutdown, Day 14

Update of the 14th day of the shutdown. Three days ’til default.

– A deal is close to being reached in the Senate, but today was not the day —> Sen. Harry Reid: Tomorrow will be a bright day

74% of Americans disapprove of Republicans’ handling of the shutdown

– Cleanup at 505 Superfund sites by the EPA have been suspended because of the shutdown. Recall, it’s been 14 days.

– “As her husband worked late into the night devising a strategy to negotiate the ongoing budget crisis that has ground Washington to a halt, the wife of House Speaker John Boehner called for her big, strong Shutdown King to come back to bed, sources confirmed early Monday morning

Which agencies will run out of money soon?

International Politics

– Some Red Cross staff have been freed after being kidnapped, but others are still being kept

– Assad makes a joke on the Nobel Peace Prize by saying he should have received it.

More than 2,500 have been killed by drones and their names have been released. Over half are civilians.

– Meanwhile, Malala told Obama that drone attacks “fuel terrorism,” something the White House did not mention in their statement.

– “A Journey to the Heart of Israel’s National Nightmare

– Gallup: Only 1/3 of Iranians approve of nuclear programs for military use

– “A Libyan Al-Qaeda suspect who was snatched from Tripoli by US commandos and interrogated on an American warship, has been brought to New York to face trial, a prosecutor said Monday.”

– In Greece: “Over 100,000 applications have been received from people from families with no income for 10,000 temporary, five-month positions being offered at municipal and regional authorities across the country.”

– Also, motorised military parade will be returning…with sponsorship

– The Prime Minster of Greece should explain his connections with Golden Dawn

– North Korea has a photoshop problem

– Three US economists have won the Nobel Prize for Economics. They celebrate by going to school

– Swiss researchers have found the possibility of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat being poisoned likely

Photo by Slack12 under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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