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Sit a spell, have a snack, and chat with Over Easy.

Good morning, Dinerzens! I hope you are not blown away, washed away or otherwise incapacitated by the weather in your parts today. Apparently there is bad weather headed to Fukushima, and it sounds like more trouble should be expected. The freak storm that hit the Black Hills earlier this month has not had so much coverage, but the tens of thousands of cattle killed in the storm leave a big mess to clean up while ranchers and the surviving cattle themselves still mourn the losses. Continued rain and threats of more snow complicate the clean up. Yes, and the government shut down means no federal dollars for the emergency.

More trouble in Afghanistan too, as Kerry tries to negotiate US bases after 2014.

And the NSA, scoping out your e-mail address books. And the debt crisis looms, still.

We had elections in Albuquerque last week, and we will be having more elections next month: a run-off in a City Council district that could shift the balance of power (5-4 either way) as well as the anti-abortion ban that is going to be on a special ballot city-wide. I have written about this before, but it has become a reality. I have been listening to various political strategies, but the bottom line is that we need to educate the public about the need for safe medical procedures for pregnancies that will bring tragedies no matter what decisions Moms, Dads and doctors have to make in these circumstances.

The cranes and geese are starting their southward migrations. Grab a cuppa, and listen for their chatter overhead. I’ll be on the road later, but I’ll be around for a while this morning. Welcome, everyone!

Photo by JeffreyW released under a Creative Commons license.

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