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Epic Rap Battles: Rosalind Franklin vs. Watson & Crick

She wuz robbed! so it’s wonderful to see Rosalind Franklin getting credit from the kids in Tom McFadden’s 7th grade science class at KIPP Bridge Charter School.  I hope that skeevy Watson dude sees this vid.

Yeah, I’m talkin’ Hypatia, yeah I’m talkin’ Curie
I’m talkin’ Shirley Ann, ladies I’m talkin’ me
Wanted to be a scientist since age 15
Became a world class one. Yeah, I followed my dreams
Maurice and I at King’s were going for DNA
“She needs to change her hair,” was all that you could say
While you were chasing models I used my X-ray
But what you know about getting your data the hard way?
And I showed it was a helix with phosphates on the outside
Calculated helical dimensions, and without my
Data to play with you would have taken ages
I was almost there. You can read it in my pages
It has not escaped my notice that you’re a jerk
I should have got a Nobel for my work
But then I died so we’ll never know
But it’s not too late to recognize me though
I’m not a female scientist. I’m a scientist, man
Look at my work and say “Dang – that’s a nice pic!”

Lyrics (annotatable thanks to rapgenius)

Well done!

h/t Jezebel

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