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The Roundup for October 14th, 2013

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Hey all, hope you’re doing well.

Columbus Day 

– Because it’s Columbus Day, here’s a collection of stories by the Real News on Indigenous People.

– Also, only 23 states allow their workers off today with pay.

Government Shutdown, Day 14

Update of the 14th day of the shutdown. Three days ’til default.

– A deal is close to being reached in the Senate, but today was not the day —> Sen. Harry Reid: Tomorrow will be a bright day

74% of Americans disapprove of Republicans’ handling of the shutdown

– Cleanup at 505 Superfund sites by the EPA have been suspended because of the shutdown. Recall, it’s been 14 days.

– “As her husband worked late into the night devising a strategy to negotiate the ongoing budget crisis that has ground Washington to a halt, the wife of House Speaker John Boehner called for her big, strong Shutdown King to come back to bed, sources confirmed early Monday morning

Which agencies will run out of money soon?

International Politics

– Some Red Cross staff have been freed after being kidnapped, but others are still being kept

– Assad makes a joke on the Nobel Peace Prize by saying he should have received it.

More than 2,500 have been killed by drones and their names have been released. Over half are civilians.

– Meanwhile, Malala told Obama that drone attacks “fuel terrorism,” something the White House did not mention in their statement.

– “A Journey to the Heart of Israel’s National Nightmare

– Gallup: Only 1/3 of Iranians approve of nuclear programs for military use

– “A Libyan Al-Qaeda suspect who was snatched from Tripoli by US commandos and interrogated on an American warship, has been brought to New York to face trial, a prosecutor said Monday.”

– In Greece: “Over 100,000 applications have been received from people from families with no income for 10,000 temporary, five-month positions being offered at municipal and regional authorities across the country.”

– Also, motorised military parade will be returning…with sponsorship

– The Prime Minster of Greece should explain his connections with Golden Dawn

– North Korea has a photoshop problem

– Three US economists have won the Nobel Prize for Economics. They celebrate by going to school

– Swiss researchers have found the possibility of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat being poisoned likely

– “[President] Shimon Peres says Israel and its allies must retain a firm stance on Iran until it can show it does not threaten regional stability, despite its election of Hassan Rouhani as president.

– Amnesty International has stated Egyptian used live ammo against protesters

– Belgium sting has nabbed a Somali pirate leader

– Moscow police have arrested over 1,200 migrant workers after death of ethnic Russian

– “Tehran will agree to more transparency over uranium enrichment in exhange for lifting of embargos, say diplomats

– Also, President of Iran calls for “academic freedom

– Votes in Afghanistan’s Presidential election sell for about $5

– India’s struggling widows (who number 40 million) cope with survival

Financial Matters

– The Trade in Services Agreement, another neoliberal plan, is now being pushed forward, but “how will it affect consumers?” Also, who is behind it?

– Can Britain be entering another housing bubble?

– “This evidence suggests that cuts to programs for seniors may be unlikely to end up benefitting our kids. Rather such cuts may be associated with reduced spending on kids as well. If the public does not trust the government to provide good care for seniors, it may also not trust the government to provide good care for children.”

Can GE act with impunity? The answer:…Yes

– Gaza under economic chokehold due to Egypt

Surveillance Planet

– “Your D-Link router may have a backdoor

– “A published report says the National Security Agency has collected millions of contact lists from personal email and instant messaging accounts around the world  including those of Americans?? in its effort to find links to terrorism or other criminal activity.”

– NSA refuses to reveal its domestic content and doesn’t want to count it

– “Perhaps High Value Interrogation Group Members Don’t Make the Best Doctors?

Labor’s a-Brewing

– “After nine strikes, nurses in California won the right to keep taking paid sick days rather than spreading disease to patients

– More victories! Garment workers in Bangladesh held their boss captive for more than 18 hours until he promised to pay them their promised bonuses.

– “Are hospitals cutting jobs because of sequestions cuts to medicare reimbursement rates? The American Hospital Association cites this as well as the recession as reasons for job cuts.

– San Fran BART strike averted…for now

– Two German filmmakers were arrested for documenting World Cup labor abuses in Qatar

Politics USA

– Tea Party Congressmen listens to constituent who wears Thomas Jefferson costume everywhere.

– Why is it policy in prisons for torture to occur?

– Will our future highways benefit the rich?

– “Greed destroyed us all

– GOP in New York want Donald Trump to run on their ticket

– Judge, who upheld Indiana’s strict Voter ID law in 2008, admits he was wrong

– Gallup: Creating jobs is top priority for improving economics

– “There are more than 80,000 people, including thousands of juveniles 14 and 15 years old, being held in solitary confinement in this country right now. Hopefully this film will draw even more activists to the cause of ending this inhumane and harsh punishment.

– A month old, but still hilarious: “W. Kamau Bell talks to people in the street on ‘National Thank a Police Officer Day‘”

– Veterans group angered their protest was hijacked by right-wing forces

– “Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will face a new challenger in next year’s congressional election: Amar Kaleka, the son of one of the men murdered by a white supremacist at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin last year.

– Supreme Court will hear case tomorrow on affirmative action

We Don’t Need No Education

– “Bill de Blasio wants to change the way charter schools operate in NYC, but charter operators are fighting back.”

Health, Homelessness and Hunger

– “A study found the chemical, found in plastics and canned food linings, could be dangerous for pregnant women

1 killed, 158 sickened by cholera in five Mexican states

– A chicken plant is spreading salmonella and the Dept. of Agricultural is powerless to stop it.

What you learn about humans when you’re homeless

The War on Women

– Please let justice be served. “Anonymous Targets Town for Dropping Charges Against Man Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted 14-Year-Old and Left Her to Die

– Marvel Comics gives a skirt to Spider-Girl costume because logic.

– The sexist practice of testing girl’s virginity

– “Anti-Abortion Activist Lila Rose Compares Herself to Malala Yousafzai

– Kansas has paid $1 million to legal firms to defend anti-abortion laws

Planet Earth

– “Indigenous organizations protest in Brasilia, against the proposed Constitutional Reform PEC 215 to put the fate of Amazonian Forests in the hands of Congress; this motion was promoted by “Bancada Ruralista”, the Agribusiness’ lobby many years ago and it is being discussed now.

Musician Sarah Harmer teams with others to protest and block the Enbridge Line 9, a plan to build more oil and gas pipelines in Canada.

– We could save billions in heating and cooling if we switch to solar

– Venice’s $7 billion flood barrier plan is so crazy it just might work

– UK environmental secretary has slammed anti-GMO folk for being “wicked” foes

Mixed Bag

– Elderly woman was unaware she lived with 20,000 bees in home.

– Banksy’s art was sold with a street vendor for $60 a piece

Photoshop North Korean leaders in any background!

– Study: Eating popcorn in a movie theater makes you immune to the advertising

– “A unique 46-million-year-old mosquito fossil with a belly full of dried blood has been found in a Montana riverbed, US researchers said Monday.”

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Brandon Jordan

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