Killing for Christ on Safari for Jesus


What a great opportunity to kill things and preach the Gospel! Frikkie du Toit offers the Provider for Christ seven-day safari adventures in South Africa at $2395 per person:

to support the creation of new and more energized Providers for Christ, and the families of men and women based on Biblical principals.

Because shooting impala, blesbok, blue wildebeest– all upgradable and additional animals available–with big guns after worship and Christian seminars by local ministers will make you feel real good. Want to feel even better? Bring your own minister, church, organization, or business group for a private worship seminar. And then, after you’ve shot the game and it’s been skinned, salted and prepared for shipping back to your local taxidermist?

Minister to the poor at an orphanage and squatters camp with a Christian organization. This will involve bringing your meat to the camps and using your other talents to help the children. Feel free to bring needed items such as candy, clothing, sports equipment, and medical supplies. These are always in short supply and greatly appreciated.

You will be invited to worship with the people in the camps. They are learning to love Jesus Christ and will be energized by your support. If you have special talents and want to use them, let us know and we will try our best to facilitate you in using them for God.

Frikkie du Toit also offers non-Jesus-based hunting, including rhino darting, which allows you to

down a rhino without harming them.

It’s stuff like this that gives Christians a bad name. If the people need food, clothing, and supplies and you can provide it for them, that’s a wonderful and kind thing. But to stuff it down their throat with a dose of cultural and religious imperialism–revolting. And using a religion as a justification for an expensive sport shooting vacation is just creepy.

The rise of child, elder, and LGBT abuse/deaths in Uganda and other African nations has been directly linked to American evangelicals preaching a violent, hate-filled form of Christianity (which sorta goes against the idea of Jesus being the Prince of Prince and loving thy neighbor).  Add to that the loss of indigenous culture and tradition and wildlife–that’s not “progress,” it’s cultural extinction. Minister to the poor, help the needy, but don’t freaking shoot things and then evangelize and seek to covert by being Bwana.


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