My Email to My Congressperson Tim Murphy (PA-18th)

I really felt like sharing today so here is the email I sent to my Congressperson.

Mr. Murphy, I am contacting you to ask for your help in paying my mortgage, my car payment, my phone and utilities. My wife is a Federal employee and her income is currently our only household income, that is until you and your fellow Republican extortionists shut down the Government. My UC benefits ran out in July 2012. Obviously we are struggling to get by.

Aside from the complete loss of income, our monthly health insurance premium is not being paid while my wife is home cleaning out the attic. It is a job that needed done and frankly was a considerable undertaking. Thanks for the time off.

The premium will be taken out of her first two paychecks after she returns to work, in addition to the regularly scheduled deduction. That will help us get caught up with our mortgage, car payment, phone and utilities.

My Uncle Frank died graciously in his sleep overnight. It is sad but he was 93. He lived the American Dream after serving in the infantry in WWII. I can not afford to send flowers. I blame you directly for that for acting part and parcel to the inhumane Government shutdown.

I know people that know you. I know you aren’t a far right idealist. You vote that way, but that is only for political expedience. I understand that the only interest you serve in Congress is your own.

I would like to encourage you to act boldly as a voice of reason, as the intellectually reasonable person you are when your home and not playing a Congressman on TV. If enough of you in both parties would decide to act reasonably, together, you could form a coalition as influential as the nuts in the Republicans and the Chamberlains in the Democrats. There is nothing inherently conservative or liberal in acting pragmatically. Have some pride.

A Very Unhappy Constituent,
David Huff.

Peace Everyone

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