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A World War II memorial in California has closed too

    If there are any “Greatest Generation” vets on the west coast looking for a closed WWII memorial to protest at right now, boy do I have a good one for you.  It’s the Rosie-the-Riveter National Park in Richmond, CA.  Come out and protest that closing too.

WWII Memorial, relief

WWII Memorial, relief

    During World War II, my father was in charge of the Fleet post office in the Pacific and he wrote many poignant letters home to us about what he saw and did “Over There” — and how much he missed his little family.  And I in turn donated those letters to the Rosie museum.  But I digress.

      Like those vets that are protesting the shut-down in Washington, I too am truly pissed off that this national park is closed.  And I’m also very angry that even after shutting down so many federal offices that actually benefit Americans, Congress still forces us to pay billions of dollars a day to kill women and children in the Middle East.

    And we are also still allowed to pay outrageously huge salaries to those jokers in Congress who got us in this mess in the first place.

     And we can, of course, still be allowed pay government welfare to agribusiness, oil barons, Monsanto — and even to loggers in our national parks (the very ones that have been shut down to us tourists).

     It’s a rich person’s world we live in today.  Can’t afford to buy a congressman?  Then you are [poop] out of luck.  Shut you down.

     So here’s what we do.  We take a lesson from what Rosie-the-Riveter did.  We put aside our individual lives, feuds and agendas and we work together to save our country.  We grow victory gardens instead of groveling to Monsanto.  We reach out to each other — to the left and to the right — and we come together as a nation — proud, unbeatable America!  And then we oust anyone in Congress that voted for this shut-down in the first place (and take away their elaborate pensions too!)

     Because if we, the new Rosies, don’t stop this government shut-down now (and the greedy bustards behind it) then the next thing we know, these avaricious sell-outs will also be shutting down our Social Security, our MediCare (which should be for everyone, not just for the Greatest Generation), our infrastructure, our schools — and ourselves.

“But why do you work for a place that memorializes war,” I asked ranger Betty Reid Soskin one day while visiting the impressive Rosie-the-Riveter national park.  And she answered that what this national park also memorializes to her is, “a whole country working together.”

Moral here?  “Don’t sit under the apple tree” with congressional representatives who don’t represent us!  And also let’s “Accentuate the Positive” too.  We Americans have been controlled by fear of “terrorists” and “the other” and “liberals” and even “wingnuts” for long enough.  If our country is to survive, we MUST work together.  That was Rosie’s whole message.

And now the Rosie-the-Riveter memorial in Richmond, CA, is closed too.

Photo from treewoman8 licensed under Creative Commons


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Jane Stillwater

Jane Stillwater

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