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The Roundup for October 11th, 2013

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Hey all, hope you are well this day. I wish a good day to all celebrating International Day of the Girl.

Government Shutdown, Day 11

Day 11 of the Shutdown can be found through the Guardian’s live blog. $3.2 billion and counting so far….

– There is hope that a deal can arrive soon

– “The White House says President Barack Obama welcomes a ‘constructive approach’ from congressional Republicans in a new budget offering but ‘has some concerns with it.’

– G20 tells the US to “urgently” respond to debt ceiling crisis

Jobless claims spike because of shutdown

– White House Schedules “Key Shoutings With Congressional Leaders

– John Boehner’s dilemma as shown in a Pew Research chart.

– Because of the shutdown, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) cannot investigate Wall Street crimes. Take that as you will.

The Five Ways the Shutdown is Politically Killing Republicans 

– “The Pisgah Inn’s act of defiance delighted the Tea Party, who wield huge influence in this rural Appalachian district. But other constituents are paying a high price for Republican intransigence

– Because of the Shutdown, the ACA has gotten more popular 

– As winter approaches those in Maine, the shutdown has left it without much-needed heating

– Stephen Colbert’s just gets better with this as he mocks Shep Smith’s botched attempt to capture a daredevil in order to bring good news because of the shutdown

International Politics

– Rebels in Syria, according to Human Rights Watch, accused of “war crimes” by killing civilians.

– “US Secretary of State John Kerry held talks with President Hamid Karzai in Kabul on Friday to try to advance troubled negotiations with Afghanistan on some US troops staying in the country after 2014.

– The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has surprisingly won the Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts in Syria.

Air raids and clashes near the chemical weapons site in Syria

– “Congrats, Malala for failing to win the Nobel Parody Prize

– Malala Yousafzai meets with Obama over drone strikes and their effects

– “Rouhani should calm skeptics” as Britian re-opens their embassy. More here.

– Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan states the kidnapping was a “coup attempt

– Experts troubled by the increasing sympathy for Franco-fascism in Spain

– One Al-Qaeda leader has accused the US of allowing the Egyptian military of “waging war on Islam

One person killed in Egyptian protests as crisis escalates .

– US forces have arrested a Pakistani Taliban commander.

“Kuwait proposal aimed at preventing transgender migrant workers from entering six-member Gulf Co-operation Council countries criticised as ‘immoral'”

“Article in Syriza-aligned newspaper Avgi claims small group within the prime minister’s office was preparing a campaign to ‘target the violence of the left’ by using the so-called theory of the two extremes”

– A former IMF official states the Greek bailout was “wrong from the start

– “There was no shortage of industry representatives scheduled for a conference on drones this weekend. But one man who isn’t attending is Shahzad Akbar, a Pakistani lawyer for the victims of drone strikes.

Financial Matters

– Correlation between literacy at work and productivity?

The American Dream is a burden upon us

– JP Morgan Chase has faced a third quarter loss because of legal fees, but Dimon states to be calm

– “Welfare isn’t too generous — wages are too low

– “New York’s state banking regulator has stepped up pressure on four European banks, ordering them to hand over details of their transactions with a Jordanian bank and documents related to Turkey’s Uzan family, which owes billions of dollars to Motorola Credit Corp.

– US consumer “sentiment” drops to nine-month low with shutdown as culprit

Surveillance Planet

– Hillary Clinton: We need a “sensibly adult conversation” about spying

– Author of Patriot Act is looking to introduce a bill that puts the NSA’s “bulk collection ‘out of business‘”.

– Moreover, “Jim Sensenbrenner, the conservative Republican who co-authored the Patriot Act, is preparing to publish legislation that would significantly curtail the domestic surveillance powers afforded to the US intelligence agencies.

– “Shorter Rupp: We Inform Members at Briefings They Can’t Attend Because They’re Too Busy” — Emptywheel has more here.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– With workers furloughed in OSHA, safety inspections are extremely low.

– Chinese workers, or “interns”, were forced to either make “Playstation 4’s or not graduate

– Trucker protest had ton of individuals today to protest. Here is one jaw-dropping photo

Politics USA

– Fertilizer plant in West, Texas fined $118,300 or less than $8,000 per person killed in the blast (15). Wh-What?

– Gallup: 60% of Americans want a third party

– Pew Research has the demographics for the way Americans watch their TV news.

– Watch the Guardian’s Hunger Strike in Gitmo video

– “Air force fires general in charge of US nuclear missiles for ‘misbehaviour‘”

– 72% of Americans want to reduce the budget deficit, up from 19% four years ago, but have little agreement on how.

– The amount of conservatives against gay marriage is still strong, but weaker than before.

– “How Talk Radio and Fox News Brainwashed My Dad

– Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) goes off the deep end and plays sectarian by saying McCain “supported al-Qaeda”

– Sunday morning talk shows are still very white, very conservative and very male.

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke at the Values Voter Summit and equated foreign policy with a “war on Christianity

– Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) also spoke the same event, but was heckled.

– Execution in Missouri halted because they don’t have their drug they use.

– NFL fines Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears wide receiver, for wearing green shoes in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, after originally keeping him off the field.

– Golden Dawn chapters have two new locations in the United States.

– LA police dog biting victims in first half of 2013 were either Latino or black

We Don’t Need No Education

– Because Philadelphia had cut school nurses from their staff, a 6th grader did not get immediate attention in her school after getting asthma attack. More info here.

– Many professors, according a new study, are skeptical towards online courses

Hunger, Homelessness and Hunger

– Banksy’s new exhibit is driving across town and it really packs a punch.

– “Obamacare expands access to health insurance for tens of millions of people come January 1. Dental care for adults, however, is not included, and experts say we’ve got a potential oral health care crisis coming.

Top Gun! (Stories)

– Cali. Governor Jerry Brown (D) has vetoed a bill that would impose “the nation’s toughest restrictions on gun ownership

The War on Women

– “If Male Violence is a Threat to Women — How Do I Raise a Kind Son

– Every day should be “International Day of the Girl

– Saudi blogger advocating for women to drive detained, but hopeful

Planet Earth

– Even Cavemen and Neanderthals recycled

– “The year that has passed since the last big carbon capture report has brought scant progress – perhaps even retrenchment – for the technology many see as vital to slow the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

– Offshore 4.9 quake “jolts” Northern California

– Constitutional court in France upholds law that bans fracking in France

– Despite an overwhelming consensus on climate change, the media still gives climate change deniers more airtime than needed.

– Montreal Police make up law and say anti-pipeline protests are “illegal

– (Thanks to juliania) “India Must Rename Cyclone Phailin and Call Attention to Global Warming

Mixed Bag

– Here are five facts on the hajj as it goes underway.

A fifth of Mormons are doubting their Church’s teaching.

– Jon Stewart had a great interview yesterday with biographer Brian Jay Jones over Muppet creator Jim Henson.

– Harvey Milk will get his own stamp.

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