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The Roundup for October 10th, 2013

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Hello everyone. Hope you are well. I have class in 20 minutes.

Government Shutdown, Day 10

It’s Day 10…of the…shut…down…I might just skip this section one day. Why and how this still continues to exist is beyond me. $2.9 billion and counting are the amount of money lost in this shutdown so far.

– Boehner and co. have a deal to extend deadline for six weeks.

– Sen. Harry Reid: “Everything is on the negotiating table

– “According to a New York Times report this evening, President Obama told House Democrats tonight that Republicans are demanding everything up to his presidency in order to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.” Salon has more.

– County in Utah open national parks illegally because of impact on local economy

– Jon Stewart makes a hilarious remark on not believing this would go on and more here.

– Gallup Poll: 33% of respondents believe that “dysfunctional government” is nation’s top issue

16 Ways a Default Will Seriously Affect US

– The public would like to see compromise, Pew Research says, but not on issues they care about.

– Both sides will meet on negotiations, but the “Grand Bargain” is now back on the table (and as said before, we all lose)

International Development 

– Wait, what? “The Pentagon is suggesting the world’s chemical weapons watchdog use a U.S.-made mobile destruction unit in Syria to neutralize the country’s toxic stockpile, officials told Reuters.

– Kuwait and other Gulf countries are testing travelers to see if they are gay. They will be developing a procedure, which sounds really really dumb.

More analysis on the German election and the relevance of the Left Party, who had the slogan of “We can do better than capitalism” for the campaign

– “Delegates from about 140 nations signed the UN’s Minamata Convention today, marking the first internationally binding commitment to reducing emissions of and exposure to mercury. The treaty will go into effect once it’s been ratified by 50 nations, a process that’s expected to take 3 to 4 years.

Malala Yousafzai receives Sakharov Award, EU’s top human rights award.

– Russian politicians are calling for a criminal investigation over Olympic Torch since it can’t stay lit.

– “Pakistan rearrested former president Pervez Musharraf on Thursday after accusations that he was personally responsible for the deaths of more than 100 people when he ordered commandos to storm the Red Mosque in 2007.

– Vietnam and US sign agreement that allows nuclear tech companies to invest in Vietnam.

– Libyan Prime Minister kidnapped by rebels. Update: “The Libyan prime minister, Ali Zeidan, has called for calm after being released by rebels who kidnapped him in the early hours of Thursday morning.

– Egypt criticized cuts by the US over military aid, but Washington states it is not cutting ties.

– Greece is risking in being a “failed state” if no reforms are made.

– Iran has arrested 17 individuals who were “a network of homosexuals and satanists” at a birthday party.

– Iraq has executed “42 terrorists” as violence continues to reign in the country.

– “Zimbabwe’s justice minister said Thursday his nation will back any calls for African nations that want to break ties with the International Criminal Court at the continentwide African Union summit this weekend in Ethiopia. Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa accused the ICC of humiliating African leaders by targeting them, while letting off Western leaders over conflicts in Iraq and Libya.

Dissents exiled now return to Iran after Rouhani enters Presidency.

– While speaking about disarming nuclear weapons, Western powers also talk about upgrading their arsenal.

EU petitions show social issues, environmental concerns and civil rights top EU citizens’ lists.

– Biblical scholar states Christianity during Roman times was a part of “psy-ops campaign

Financial Matters

– The global wealth inequality: The top 1% hold 41% and the top 10% hold 86% of all the world’s wealth. The bottom half hold 1%. That’s right. 1 percent!

– Ed Asner talks about how trickle down economics really is like.

– Yves Smith on the broader issue with Yellen’s appointment.

– Americans were feeling better about the economy, pre-shutdown. Which isn’t saying much.

– “Will China’s Gambit to Undermine” TPP succeed?

– Banking giant (and criminals) HSBC states that Arab Spring will cost countries affected $800 billion in lost output. 

– *Gasp* Barclays bank to pay fine of…$470 million!

– “European Central Bank head Mario Draghi says the eurozone economy will stay ‘subdued and uneven’ for a while and emphasized that the bank has room to cut interest rates further to help growth.

– Alice Munro, Canadian author, has won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

– New York Federal Reserve fired an examiner who “refused to go soft over Goldman Sachs

Labor’s a-Brewing

– “New leadership elected in American Postal Workers Union. President-Elect Mark Dimonstein’s slate won seven of the nine positions they contested. Their goal is to unite with the other postal unions, community groups and others in a fight to save the Post Office.

“Organize or die” should be the left’s slogan when talking about labor uprisings in the US

– In Mexico, while the work there to support teachers is important, criticism must be made to make sure the fight against neoliberalism is a victory.

Surveillance Planet

– “Grand juries have seen a resurgence as the FBI cracks down on radical communities” and manipulates them.

– War and surveillance have gotten their own “etiquette”

“Barack Obama has pursued the most aggressive ‘war on leaks’ since the Nixon administration, according to a report published on Thursday that says the administration’s attempts to control the flow of information is hampering the ability of journalists to do their jobs.” Greenwald talks about Committee to Protect Journalists report.

– Snowden’s father visits Russia to see son at undisclosed location.

– “The head of [Greece]’s secret service has been invited to appear before a parliamentary committee, following claims and counter claims that it may have political parties under surveillance.”

Cracking down on dissent and asserting new powers by worldwide police: the new status quo

– The problem with NSA’s “collect it all” policy on data

Politics USA

– Colbert on the “Ride for the Constitution” event.

– Ross Ulbricht, alleged Silk Road founder, is sent by federal judge to New York to face trial.

Kwame Kilpatrick, former Detroit mayor charged with numerous corruption charges, was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

– the US Army is developing “Iron Man” technology for soldiers.

– “Those families will find themselves ineligible for Obamacare subsidies to buy their own insurance on the state-based exchanges, even though their coverage at work is considered unaffordable.

– US cable companies are now the folks that customers turn to for security.

– “Federal defenders in New York have asked a judge to appoint a lawyer for a senior al Qaeda figure captured in Libya last weekend, the latest indication that he may eventually be brought to New York City for trial in a civilian court.

New Jersey will allow gay marriage on October 21st, if nothing is done by state government to stop it.

We Don’t Need No Education

– How the SAT essay section allows our students to become terrible writers.

– Listen to a Seattle teacher challenge the corporate-backed Education Nation over, well, education.

Hunger, Homelessness and Hunger

– McDonald’s will offer free books with its Happy Meal, putting a new spin on advertising.

Salmonella outbreak sickens 300 Americans, remember there’s a shutdown so FDA can’t do squat.

– “Following this month’s rollout of President Obama’s signature health care law, millions of uninsured citizens across the country praised the program for allowing them to become blindingly enraged at health insurance companies for the first time in their lives, sources confirmed.

– New “chemical brain drain” is going to impact future generations one Harvard researcher states.

The War on Women 

– In 2013, only one state expanded access to abortion: California

– “Sleepless in Austin” sexist has sexist messages on his site, gets fired from his job for all the right reasons.

– “Disposable Children: Whiteness, Heterosexism and the Murder of Lawrence King

– “The government shutdown, rape and other extortions of assets

– “Breadwinner moms are misrepresented

Planet Earth

– The Climate Movement’s “Pipeline Preoccupation

– Liberals in Ontario have “quietly loosened environmental rules” watchdog states.

Mixed Bag

– There might be “defects in spacetime

Psychiatrists are deeply concerned for 5% of Americans who approve of Congress’ job

The future of a chipmunk’s plan is better crafted than 8 out of 10 Americans

– African elephants understand human gestures

Break Time

No Room for Doubt

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