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The Bi-Partisan, Bait and Switch Kabuki Theater


Back by unpopular demand,” The Grand Bargain,” billed as bi-partisanship at its best. The producers promote it as the “must experience” austerity legislation first step. Set to take it’s place among the greats such as: “We’re going to Iraq for WMD’s Cakewalk” or “Let’s Give  Trillions to the Banksters, prosecutions? Not!” and my personal favorite “We have Just Begun to Spy, What Ya Hidin’?”

The old adage, if you say it enough times people will believe it, is the reoccurring theme in “The Grand Bargain.” The sub plot, that Obama, the Democrats, do not want to cut the earned benefits, Social Security and Medicare/caid.  “The Grand Bargain” plays out in a time of on going economic hardship and decline for the american middle class. Fortunately for the disappearing middle class their congressional saviors have a plan. Through a great lack of  any personal sacrifice by themselves or their corporate masters. They boldly promise  to save the middle class, social security and the Medi’s from themselves  by attacking  these same villains as the drivers of debt, these heroic congress people are forced to toil against a public who just does not get it, no matter by whom or how many times they are told, but they relentlessly continue. ” The Grand Bargain” is the culmination of a decades old dream, once thought unimaginable, to defeat the axis of evil-Social Security, the Medi’s and middle class. As the plot thickens, the congressional saviors address  Obamacare(corporatecare), the proverbial shiny object, but long to take down the Axis. So daring is their plan, so popular is the Axis, that the plan must only be referred to by code, the “Entitlements code.”

They are so close to taking down the Axis they can taste the champagne. How does “The Grand Bargain” end? On domestic spending we have seen the public option with 70% plus public support, re-import prescription drugs 80%,  tax the rich 70% plus, etc.

Sadly, “The Grand Bargain” has all the trappings  of an epic tragedy. You should, in whatever way you can, buy a ticket, be a participant … wouldn’t it be great if “The Grand Bargain” were the catalyst for real change in the form of firming up social programs, the middle class — it has that potential.

With a democrat president who has stated his desire to cut and corporatize SS/Medi and has forwarded the same in his proposed right-wing budget,  the Axis is in the gravest of  danger — our ability to retain our earned social benefits is the seminal question that will be answered by “The Grand Bargain” — we will likely get what we deserve one way or another.

In closing, Obama wants/desires, as part of his legacy, to be the president who ushered in cuts to earned social benefits. That is a fact. The implication  that this is, in any way, being imposed on the Obama Administration is ill informed or delusional. Only by understanding that you have a democrat senate and president that pine to administer the first precedent setting cuts to those earned benefits do you effectively counter that offensive attack.

You could not cut SS and the Medi’s with a Republican president, not going to happen. It takes a dem  prez for that kind of kabuki. Mr Ford from Black agenda report gives a spirited  analysis.(slightly dated, but  very applicable to the case present)

The huge, generational, advantage that Republicans had on national defense that was the hallmark of their party, was destroyed by Iraq.

Cutting SS and Medicare/caid  will destroy the generational advantage that dems have had on social issues, rightly so.

I believe they desire that vanilla you have no options vote. We are just different around the edges.

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