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What Is the Current Death Toll from the GOP Government Shutdown?

GOP Government Shutdown Death Toll.   Total As of Day 8: __ 

Hello. If you came here looking for a number and a list I don’t have one, as of Day 8.  I wrote this headline in advance of the death(s). I will update the post upon confirmation of the dead.

Soon the media and the GOP will be talking about the people who died as a result of the current government shutdown. I’d like to suggest we talk about those future dead people now, in order to assign responsibility and force change.

If dealing with the right wing media and the “guns everywhere” crowd has taught me anything, it’s that right after someone is killed or dies because of a gun, it is not the time to talk about  guns.  Especially the ones used in the most recent mass shootings.

The people who want to get and keep guns everywhere have a standard response following a mass shooting. I anticipate the same will happen when people die because of the GOP orchestrated government shutdown.  After a shooting we hear:

“Now is not the time to score political points! The bodies aren’t even cold. The families need to grieve!”

This is a very effective method to maintain the status quo because they know that the emotion following death is a window to change. The further the disconnect from the action and from the people who helped or supported the action, the harder it is to change.

The day the death(s) happens the media will be asking questions: What happened? Who died? Why did this happen? Who is responsible? In anticipation of these questions the GOP are working hard to make this about “both sides”  As my old boss at the machine shop said, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses a life.” [cont’d.]

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