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The Roundup for October 9th, 2013

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Good day to all.

Government Shutdown, Day 9 

– Day 9 (am I seriously saying that?) of the Shutdown can be found here.

Boehner sends a small delegation to Obama as if they were both far away (they are in the capital for Christ-sake) while the White House will invite all Republicans and Democratic lawmakers this week. 

– The backlash that some expect to the Tea Party in the Republican party is not coming. Only 18% of Republicans think that the Tea Party gets “too much” attention by the Republican party.

– Tomorrow, 90% of our nuclear reactor inspectors will be furloughed. 

Miners, drillers and loggers, all are allowed in our parks as employees are not. 

– Gallup Poll: 28% of respondents support Republicans, lowest since 1992.

– Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) states government can’t default if it’s shutdown. Hey, listen, is there a constitutional amendment to just kick a person out of Congress? Maybe send them on a boat to an island with no means of escape?

What’s it like to be furloughed? 

“Have the Democrats already lost?”

– The White House has restored benefits to families with fallen soldiers.

Congress only has an approval rating of 5% while Obama has an approval rating of 37%. 

International Developments

– Pew Research Poll: 51% of Americans want to cut off military aid to Egypt to “pressure Egyptian government” as the US suspends part of the aid to Egypt.

– The revival of Christianity in Uganda leads the disturbing anti-gay sentiment 

– Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart had Malala Yousafzai on his program and you can catch the three parts here.

– How the al-Shabaab raid in Somalia went wrong.

Sochi 2014 is shaping to be one costly Olympic game.

– The leader of the Taliban has invited the Pakistani government for “serious talks” 

– North Korea states it is ready for a military confrontation with the US.

– MPs of Golden Dawn may face treason charges after finding evidence of “overthrowing the state”

– “The finance ministry has denied an Eleftherotypia article that claims that investigations into the names appearing on the Lagarde list and other databases of suspected tax dodgers are effectively being shelved because the relevant files will be transferred from the country’s specialised antifraud squad to its ineffectual tax offices at the end of the year. ”

Financial Matters

– The five facts over the national debt.

– When the banks pay those fines, where do they go? 

– In one month, the TPP could be a finalized agreement and can censor the internet. 

– With the official announcement by the White House over Janet Yellen’s appointment, she was focusing on helping those hardest-hit

– How a likely budget compromise will lead to even more congressional corruption.

Surveillance Planet

– “How Private Tech Companies Are Collecting Data on You and Selling Them to the Feds for Huge Profits

– Chelsea Manning releases a letter to the public and calls herself a “transparency advocate” and not a “pacifist”

– “The NSA not only, we now know, hoards data on our every communication, but, we now learn, wants to have broader surveillance dragnets and deeper spycraft capabilities in place to defend that other great villain of the past decade — Wall Street. 

“Prime Minister David Cameron endorses spy chief but Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger warns MI5 ‘cannot be only voice in this debate'”

– Sen. Ron Wydan (D-OR): Reforms to NSA threatened by “business-as-usual brigade”

– Brazil, which have been in the news for being spied on, will host an Internet summit.

– Virginia police surveilled and spied on license plates at political gatherings.

– Emptywheel asks: “What kind of intelligence do they really expect to get from al-Libi?”

Labor’s a-Brewing

Thousands have joined Brazilian teachers to protest in Rio.

– “There is a growing impatience with austerity among public-sector workers, as the government prepares a budget for 2014 that will inflict a seventh year of spending cuts and tax increases. Irish governments have sought to control costs in response to the country’s worst-ever property and banking crisis that started over five years ago.

– The buses in Boston are “rolling again”, but the fight is no over.

– Mother of two and McDonald’s employee confronts president of McDonald’s over her low wages and is then arrested.

Politics USA

New study states anti-gay sentiment and population of LGBT in the US is underreported.

– Some forecasters are stating the GOP will get more extreme than now.

– Newspaper in Oklahoma does investigative journalism, retracts it, and apologizes for it.

– An intern in New York City could not bring a “sexual harassment” lawsuit forward to her former employer because she was not an “employee”

Musician David Byrne talks about the 1% and their hazardous effect in New York City

War criminals joke about torture and themselves and are free to live without punishment.

– Jason Jones’ hilarious interview last night on the Daily Show.

– Missouri will return its drug for execution to the distributor. 

– Washington has finally paid attention to deaths in Afghanistan…for all the wrong reasons. 

Top Gun (Stories)

Gunman open fire upon a building in West Virginia, but does not kill anyone and is killed by police.

We Don’t Need No Education

The six ways neoliberal education “reforms” are now entering higher education

Health, Homelessness, and Hunger

– “The winning battle against tuberculosis in the United States may, ironically, be part of the reason why the disease wasn’t detected in a young Las Vegas mother and her baby until it was too late, experts said.

– Discovery could “hold key to Alzheimer’s treatment”

– As Minnesota’s economy grows, so does homelessness.

The War on Women

“The normalization of violence against black women”

“Regressive Feminism” and the issue of Miley Cyrus

– Women are being “marginalized” by global poverty measures.

Planet Earth

– “Dear President Putin, I offer myself for the Arctic 30

– the LA Times states it does not want to publish climate change denials in its paper because there is a difference between fact-less inaccuracies and opinion. I agree.

– Study states temperature will “go off the charts” in 2047.

– What a relief! Half of our nuclear power comes from disarmed Russian nuclear warheads states one official. 

Mixed Bag

The military unveils super-soldiers who are capable of withstanding mental toll of war

– “Dick Vitale Enthusiastic About Latest Al-Qaeda Plot

– I am not ambitious (and that is okay)

– 30,000 old paintings in Brazil now going against hypothesis that humans arrived in Americas 12,000 years ago

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