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Boehner or Obama will cave: If we knew the timing we’d be making a fortune

As written before, Congress is beholden to the money, the Ts (T Backers and the Os (Rent Seekers – aka: Parasites).

So we asked ourselves where’s the profit in this shutdown?

Hmm — we knew the stock market will drop (fear and uncertainty, etc, by the rubes).

So are there massive puts — (hedged of course — JP Morgan is so expert at this form of manipulation of markets, and has massive, or masses of, losses to regain)?

Only if one know when Boehner (or Obama) will fold — and I wonder what is/how much Boehner (or Obama’s) payoff? — Then we’d know when to exit the puts and take the profit. Nothing like knowing or controlling the outcome when placing a bet.

One thing for certain, both Ts and Os are in the game for profit…

I’d be humming a happy tune when leaving a press conference with this reward in the background.

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