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Anti-gay group’s latest attempt to create junk science on gay households is simply pathetic

In the midst of all the mess of this government shutdown, the National Organization for Marriage is trying to establish credibility for a discredited anti-gay parenting study via a tactic I like to call “propping.”

Last week, the New Civil Rights Movement posted the following:

Maggie Gallagher Touts Another Regnerus-Type Anti-Gay Parenting ‘Study’.

In the article, former NOM head Maggie Gallagher claims that this is “yet another study” which proves the so-called dangers of gay parenting. The point is to build up the credibility of the Mark Regnerus study, which the organization and other members of the religious right attempted to use in order to sway the Supreme Court in its argument involving DOMA and Prop 8.

That didn’t work because the lgbt community, specifically the bloggers like myself,  and watchdog sites like Equality Matters were quick to keep this from gaining credibility by pointing out its numerous, numerous faults. In addition, several of Regnerus’ colleagues took him to task.

So with this so-called new study, Gallagher seems to be attempting to build up, or “prop up” the credibility of the discredited Regenerus study. However, the New Civil Rights Movement didn’t let her get away with it:

Curiously, Gallagher does not mention that the study’s author, Douglas Allen (image), is on the board of NOM’s Ruth Institute, or that he has a rather ugly perception of LGBT people. (Surprise!)

Then there’s this.

“An article written by Professor Douglas W. Allen — who has previously claimed that lesbian relationships are unstable, unhealthy, and promiscuous – repeats a number of classic anti-gay talking points about the legal ramifications of legalizing same-sex marriage,” Equality Matters wrote last year, “including the claim that allowing gay couples to marry will somehow result in more heterosexual divorces.”

Think I’m being a bit “paranoid” about the attempt by NOM to “prop up” Regnerus’ discredited study on gay parenting? Check out this post by Jeremy Hooper.

Hooper is pointing out that Regnerus is attempting himself to prop up the second study by publishing a glowing article on it in on online magazine Public Discourse. Of course, Hooper conveniently points out that Public Discourse is a project run by the Witherspoon Institute, the organization who was one of the funders of Regnerus’ original discredited mess to the tune of $695,000.

And let me add my little bit – The Witherspoon Institute is affiliated with NOM and the NOM’s Ruth Institute. The Ruth Institute, you will remember from earlier in this post, is the same organization who just happens to have Douglas Allen (the author of the second anti-gay parenting study) on its board.

It’s simply pitiful how easy it was to disassemble this latest shuck-and-jive by NOM and Gallagher. I almost miss the days when those attempting to spread anti-gay propaganda weren’t so sloppy and transparent in their methods. It’s as if they aren’t even trying anymore.

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen