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VA Gov: Shutdown Has Been Great for Terry McAuliffe

The Virginia governor’s office is within Terry McAuliffe’s grasp

There is at least one person in America is clearly benefiting from this government shutdown: Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe. With thousands of furloughed government employees in the state and most people blaming the Republican party for the shutdown, McAuliffe has seen a solid increase in his lead over Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

A new Politico poll has McAuliffe up by nine points less than a month from the election. According to the poll McAuliffe is at 44 percent,  Cuccinelli is at 35 percent and Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis stands at 12 percent. Similarly, a new poll from Christopher Newport University also found McAuliffe with a nine point advantage.

There is no way for Cuccinelli to escape the fallout from the shutdown. The Politico poll found a 62 percent Virginia voters oppose what Congressional Republicans are doing and this group is planning to vote overwhelmingly for McAuliffe.

Remember the Congressional Republicans’ entire strategy is still based on the idea that this shutdown is giving them “leverage.” Republicans expect Democrats to give them massive concessions in exchange for Republicans agreeing to end a situation that is going to guarantee Democrats’ victory in Virginia, and possible 2014.

Photo by Cliff1066 under Creative Commons license 

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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