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MENA Mashup: Bibi, Erdogan, and Kerry

Honestly, some days it just seems like the headlines are written by the Onion…! Let’s take a gander at some real knee-slappers…

First, Kerry: If You Question the Legality of US Actions, You Are With the Terrorists… Then, I see… U.S. praise for Assad inappropriate -Turkey’s Erdogan. Only to be topped by this magnificent FP faux pas…

Netanyahu faces ridicule from Iranians online over ‘jeans’ comment

“I think if the Iranian people had freedom, they would wear jeans, listen to Western music, and have free elections,” Netanyahu said in the interview, which was dubbed into Persian and released late on Saturday.

That statement drew a barbed reaction from Iran where, though women are required to cover their hair and wear loose clothing in public, jeans are not forbidden, and are worn. Much Western music is illegal, but people find a way to listen to it at home.

Dozens of Iranians published pictures of themselves on Twitter on Sunday wearing jeans and addressed their posts to Netanyahu’s official Twitter account, saying he was out of touch with Iranians.

So, anyways, what Kerry was responding to was this disturbing twist on the Libyan SEAL affair…

Here’s Why The Navy Is Holding A Terror Suspect At Sea

Why a ship?

In short, this allows the U.S. to hold and question al-Libi about his alleged role in a pair of 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa without putting him in the U.S. civilian court system, which could limit or halt efforts to interrogate him.

These “interrogations at sea” are part of the ongoing legal battles over how the U.S. should deal with terror suspects in the post-9/11 world.

The U.S. intelligence community sees al-Libi as an extremely important figure who’s been part of al-Qaida for two decades and has extensive knowledge of the group.

Real funny no…? Wolf Blitzer Heaps Praise on Obama for Terror Raids: He Has That ‘Golda Meir Instinct’

Now, to be fair, the Wapo actually posed the burning question of the potential ‘blowback’ for our actions… Militant backlash against western interest feared after US snatched al-Qaida militant in Libya…!

Getting back to Erdogan… Erdogan calls Assad a ‘terrorist,’ blasts Kerry. And another interesting wrinkle… NATO head expresses concern about Turkey’s Chinese missile deal…

The head of NATO expressed concern on Monday over Turkey’s decision to co-produce a missile defence system with a Chinese firm, saying he expected Ankara to choose a system that was compatible with those of other allies.

Turkey has said it is likely to sign a $3.4 billion (2.1 billion pounds) missile defence deal with a Chinese firm that is subject to U.S. sanctions, although its decision is not yet final.

The United States has expressed serious concerns to Turkey, saying the Chinese missile defence system would not work with NATO systems.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said choosing a defence system was a national decision.

“What is important for us is that the system acquired by the individual country … must be able to work and operate with the systems in other countries. I expect that Turkey will also comply with that,” the former Danish prime minister told Reuters, speaking in Danish.

In wrapping up, getting to the heart of the problem in the MENA…

World Bank: Israel control of Area C costs Palestine $3.4 bln annually

Israel’s control over the largest part of the occupied West Bank deprives the Palestinian economy of an estimated $3.4 billion a year, the World Bank reported Tuesday.

This lost potential income is equivalent to some 35 percent of the Palestinian gross domestic product in 2011, according to a new World Bank report, “Area C and the Future of the Palestinian Economy.”

The report, released Tuesday, is the first comprehensive study of the potential impact of the occupation on economic production in Area C. It blames the Israeli military’s exclusive control over the territory for undermining the Palestinian economy and contributing to wide-ranging unemployment.

“Since Area C is where the majority of the West Bank’s natural resources lie, the impact of these restrictions on the Palestinian economy has been considerable,” the report concludes, and “the key to Palestinian prosperity continues to lie in the removal of these restrictions with due regard for Israel’s security.”

Let’s be crystal clear here… Israel demands Yatta villagers remove solar panels…!

And, finally, just because…


??? ????

Allahu Akbar…!

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