The Trans-Pacific Partnership, like all legislative Frankensteins, has been hidden from a concerned public. Like Franky’s creator, the creators of TPP, the 1% and their handmaidens in Congress, must keep their Franky hidden from the townspeople. The lack of knowledge of we the townspeople precludes us from taking appropriate action to protect ourselves.

In the following segment the TPP expert has gone to great lengths to get us some inside information. She was forced to go to other countries to talk to their representatives to get information, bizarro world eh? Her reporting is excellent.

The stakes could not be higher. This is the final transfer of economic power from the people to multi-national, non-accountable powers that have brought us to this day.  This is the legislation that puts American workers into direct competition with 14 cent a day Chinese labor and takes away our children’s ability to fight against that downward trend.

Since we have already left our children with a police state, perpetual war, the transfer all the wealth to the 1%, locking up a higher percentage of population than any other country, re-electing all the war-mongers, cutting SS &Medicare/Medicaid, spying on all communications, no unions, free pass for BIG polluters, citizens united, super-secret government….yada, yada, yada……. maybe like on Syria we should say “fuck you”, for our kids.

What could you add to the above list? So much.

This trade agreement is the fulfillment of the 1%’s wish list they have not been able to get their handmaidens to do here.

The Syrian war did not happen because of the rock solid opposition of the American people. That is what is required to stop the TPP. If not, we can still look in the mirror and unequivocally state that we have done everything we could do to screw our kids future.

The people I know/meet, who have such small intellectual capabilities as to forward electing Dems or Repubs as a reasonable path forward receive no safe harbor from my ridicule as that is what the Freedom Fry eating mental midgets deserve.

That people adapt the position that Dems/Repubs are opposite sides of the same corporate coin and are the problem, not the solution is the truth that will set us free.

2016 is the year of the third party.

Grayson and Warren are NOT Democrats. They are hope. They are the future.

The other option. Bush v Clinton. In other words, the exclamation point on the note to the next generation — we screwed ya, sorry!