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The Weekend Roundup for October 5-6th, 2013

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Beginning of a new week, hope all are doing well.

Government Shutdown, Days 5 and 6

– Treasury states government is “playing with fire” and Republicans play damage control on Sunday talk shows. In other words, nothing important happened today.

– On Saturday, both parties passed a measure in the House that “retroactively” paid furloughed employees when the government reopens. Now, about that reopening…

– Barack Obama: “Take that vote. Stop this farce. End this shutdown now.

– John Boehner: The US is heading for default “if Obama doesn’t negotiate

– Commerce Department secretary Penny Pritzker: The shutdown is already hurting businesses

There is a growing danger that Tropical Storm Karen can be upgraded to a Hurricane and hit Louisiana at a time where the National Weather Service is down because of the shutdown. However, Karen has “dissipated”, which is good news.

– Pentagon states that most furloughed Defense employees will be going back to work.

What would a US default look like it?

The A-to-Z dictionary on all things shutdown.

– “While the country remains shut down because of irresponsible House Republican hostage-taking, progressive members of Congress and working families are looking ahead to fight against any proposed grand “bargain” that would include benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) spoke Thursday before working families and allies, specifically rejecting any such cuts.

International Developments

– Navy SEALs have launched operations in both Somalia and Libya that were a bit successful, they captured one top al-Qaeda leader in Libya. It might backfire on the US since the consequences haven’t been in their favor. For instance, the Libyan PM demands why they were in his country, even though it’s a key stronghold for militants (remember that capitalist coup we did? Sure did the trick!)

– “Under tight deadlines, the experts, who arrived in Damascus Tuesday, will first have to destroy the Syrian regime’s ability to manufacture chemical weapons by Nov. 1

– To paraphrase Naomi Klein, the fast food “brand extension” has its sights on Africa.

– A recent analysis over the German elections.

– “Two suicide bombers targeted Shi’ite Muslims in Iraq on Saturday, killing at least 32 people on the eve of the anniversary of one of their imams’ deaths, police and medics said on Saturday.

– “Netscape founder and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen” has stated there will be an “explosion” of new countries in the next couple of decades.

– More information regarding the two Canadians who were jailed by Egyptian government. They went on hunger strike, “smuggled” out a statement, and were released by the government.

– Iran is calling for a new offer by the major global powers on its “disputed nuclear program” Meanwhile, 4 “saboteurs” arrested near nuclear site in Iran

– The one word in the US dictionary that the federal government does not understand: blowback.

– Israel is planning to bid on a seat for the UN Security Council seat.

33 have been killed in recent protests in Egypt as there is no sign of tranquility ahead. Other reports say 38 have been killed.

– “Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez, has been told by doctors to take a month off because of a subdural haematoma on her brain, her spokesman said on Saturday, forcing her to abandon campaigning for congressional elections this month.”

29 killed in Iraqi school by suicide bomber.

– On the 45th anniversary of the Tlatelolco Massacre, police brutally repress Mexican civilians who are marching in remembrance.

– With the US out of the picture, China steps into the hegemonic void.

– “Police moved into a series of favelas in Rio de Janeiro Sunday, continuing a drive to pacify the poor neighborhoods despite a police brutality scandal that has raised questions about the tactic.” I just…but…why…can’t you…

– So half? “Greece is determined to rid its police force of any links with Golden Dawn, the minister for public order said Sunday, after the arrest of officers with ties to the neo-Nazi party.”

Israeli forces arrest, transfer and beat 12 year old child. No words…

Financial Matters

– “We do not live in a ‘winner-take-all’ nation.  We increasingly live in a ‘cheater-take-all’ system.” The state of America as William K. Black explains.

– The Swiss are now going to vote as to whether to guarantee $2,800 in monthly income for every adult. We have that hear, expect it’s a little different and you need to be on a specific street to achieve that.

“Potbelly’s Stock Doubles on Day of IPO, Redistribution to the 1 Percent?”

– Twitter has sights on 1 billion dollars for its IPO.

Families are hoarding cash, even five years after the crisis.

Labor’s a-Brewing

Why I became a working class organizer

– On one-day strikes, a “word to the wise

– “Home Care workers in the state of Vermont have overwhelmingly voted to be represented by AFSCME.”

– Without hope and jobs, 400,000 Nepal workers head to the Gulf for work, despite exploitation.

“A South African union representing car workers has agreed a new pay deal, ending a month-long strike that has crippled the industry.”

Surveillance Planet

– “A recent investigative report on the NYPD’s surveillance of mosques has led to a possible revisiting of the Handschu Agreement by the federal judge presiding over a lawsuit filed against the city seeking to bar further surveillance of Muslims in New York City.

– Cabinet in UK government was told nothing about GCHQ.

– Russia’s FSB surveillance system — “PRISM on steroids” — will monitor those in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. More here on how it was obtained.

– “The military judge presiding at the Sept. 11 trial Thursday ordered the government to unplug any outside censors who can reach into his courtroom and silence the war crimes tribunal.”

The spying by the NSA serves the counterintelligence.

– Street vendors protest police on recording their actions. One was arrested for just recording.

Politics USA

Understanding our culture of fear through Miriam Carey’s death at the hands of officers.

– The man who burned himself on the National Mall last Friday has passed away. The motivation he had for lighting himself on fire is still unclear, but one witness stated that he “thanked the people who came to his aid.” Additionally, he was “yelling something about voting rights.” I’m slowly starting to lose it

– “At a time when most Americans were uninformed, misinformed, or simply afraid of Islam, Thomas Jefferson imagined Muslims as future citizens of his new nation.”

– New York City Democratic candidate for mayor, Bill de Blasio, spoke at a fundraiser full of elite business individuals and non-profit groups. He remarked that he was a “fiscal conservative.” In other news, socialists don’t really think de Blasio is really that socialist as he is claimed to be.

– “Days after the launch of the federal government’s Obamacare website, millions of Americans looking for information on new health insurance plans were still locked out of the system even though its designers scrambled to add capacity.

– While new Banksy murals are appearing in New York, those looking for a profit find the pictures, well, profitable.

Thousands protest yesterday across the US over immigration reform.

– Noam Chomsky on Obama: “He has no moral center” Additionally, he has an op-ed up on Obama.

– “A Muslim man says he has been unable to visit his ailing mother for over two years because he refused to spy for the FBI and is now on the no-fly list.” I often wonder whether applying to the FBI has the question – “Are you okay with having no emotion and being cold?”

Tennessee is the most dangerous state, according to the FBI.

– Seems that the individual who was beaten by motorcyclists was also neglected by an undercover cop, who was among the motorcyclists.

2014 poll shows that Republicans can lose the House.

– “Florida has another chance to deliver justice to the parents of a slain black boy. The state that faced calls for boycott over the acquittal of George Zimmerman is currently holding pretrial hearings in a similar case.

Sadistic creature Stuart Varney states he wants to punish federal employees even as they are furloughed.

We Don’t Need No Education

– The ever-important question of “unpaid internships” is no stranger to schools like Northwestern University, which are facing a pushback by former interns who feel they should have (and future interns should) be paid at least minimum wage.

– “Privilege is a safety net, poverty is a prison.” A new way of thinking our educational system and what the central issue is when discussing it.

Top Gun! (Stories)

A new study by the American Journal of Medicine found a correlation between high gun ownership and high firearm-related deaths.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Out of the 62% of those uninsured who will obtain health insurance, only 26% will because of ACA.

– Chicken nuggets aren’t all meat, there’ll be some fat, blood vessels and cartilage.

The War on Women

– “A 16-year-old ward of the state in Nebraska isn’t mature enough to have an abortion. She is, however, apparently mature enough to bear the child instead. So ruled the Nebraska Supreme Court in a split decision Friday.

A Muslim-run gym for women is under attack during municipal election in France.

– ESPN’s David Pollack states women shouldn’t belong on college football playoff committee cause they haven’t played the sport. Did you get a few concussions, David?

A women’s group of Mormons have been locked out of an all-male LDS General Conference.

– “Mumbai: Amid questions being raised about the safety and security of women, 59 per cent of women here felt that work environment in the metropolis is safe for them, a recent survey report said.

– At California Sexist Republican National Convention for the Cali GOP, there are button that made a huge sexist remark to Hillary Clinton.

Planet Earth

– The alarming increase in the deaths of dolphins has less to do with natural causes and more with unnatural causes — human beings and climate change.

– What is the social cost of “saving the planet?” Should we focus more on human cost than monetary?

Some anti-drilling activists have decided to change both “tactics” and “tone” by working with the industry.

The central US states are being hit with a snow storm.

Mixed Bag

– Walter White gets an obituary in an Albuquerque newspaper.

– Scientists talk about the science behind the best cup of coffee.

9 year old is smarter than airport security, gets on plane to Las Vegas. In this case, what happens in Vegas, definitely doesn’t stay there.

– MIT researchers have made robots that can jump, flip and assemble. Finally, I can have a real-life Transformer!

Einstein’s brain was better-connected than most people’s, study says.

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