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Power and Money: The Money is the only revelant power in the Shutdown

We’ve allowed ourselves to become distracted by the sideshow, instead of paying attention to the people playing the game. The Teaparty are merely pawns, being moved around the board by people funding them. The most important action is the seats behind the chessboard. Reading about the current action in DC is like watching a massacre through a window, and commenting on the shape and size of the blood spatters. None of the real action is discussed. The important information goes unnoticed.

What does the money want? We know there are factions in the money, there’s the “T” faction who fund and support the Teabaggers for some weird libertarian agenda where through the sweat of one’s brow of an honest man can easily become a self-made millionaire. As if. Then there’s the “O” faction, who just want Wall St to continue spinning off the huge amount of commission (for commission it is,) to the nasty supply side (“Screw the workers”) system we currently have. You might consider the “T” partisans to represent new money, and the “O” group to represent old money, but that description is just a little too simple, this time around. More is involved. Let’s discuss the “T’s” and the “O’s”.

In our American mythology, there’s the myth of the self-made billionaire, who by hard work and exceptional ability, creates a vast fortune. While in concept that might be possible, there’s a simpler explanation which may fit more often. Behind great fortune is often a great crime, or criminal behavior, supported by significant tax evasion, and raping the earth for “free” minerals.

The Wall St crowd makes their obscene commission be taking cents on the dollar, as they’ve discovered the way to easy money is not to produce a good and sell it, but to extract a little tax from the huge stream of money flowing past them. This behavior has two names, taxes and parasitism – the difference being taxes exist to support the common good, while the parasitic economy is completely selfish.

Their latest theatrical production, ObamaScam, designed to prevent a rational revision of America’s health industry, is an example of the commission system at work. The insurance companies are guaranteed 10% to 15% of the medical extraction system, the Government provides the thuggish enforcement of this “protection money” while the individual mandate eliminates their marketing costs.

Back now to the “Ts,” the monied group that is funding the Teabaggers. What the members of the Teaparty want is money from the Ts. The monied group supporting the Teaparty is the reason the Teabaggers can threaten their individual Republican colleagues to keep them under control. We think this fits under the category of seditious conspiracy, but, what do we know of law enforcement? Surely, the Right is never guilty of such a thing. Surely, almost by definition, all seditious conspiracies in the US are small poor groups on the left — aren’t they? But, we observe that the behavior of the T-backers is funding a political movement that is tearing America apart. We think that if that doesn’t qualify as sedition, it’s getting pretty close.

What do the Ts want? Well the T money is held (stolen?) by old white guys. The problem with the Old White Guys is they are old, authoritarian and only have a few years remaining on this planet before their major concern becomes waking up every day. Thus, they are impatient for results, especially after Bush the Junior completely failed to screw the blacks in the US and remove all social programs (in ‘old white guy world,’ there are no poor whites hanging out in Appalachia (just lazy ones), nor any poor native Americans eaking out a living with a bad diet on land that’s not good enough to grow much). In an ‘old white guy world,’ if there are any poor whites, they deserve their fate, because by definition, if they had not been lazy, they would have become self-made billionaires too.

The Ts want to end taxes on the rich, eliminate environmental protection (that might prevent or reduce their depredations,) and remove any civil liability for their actions. They want the right to asset-strip the earth for their own wealth – they call this “freedom,” in their manner of speaking – which is a misnomer of epic proportions.

And they want it now, because when you are in your 70’s or 80’s, you know you don’t have much time left. We point out that there is at least one small problem with the T-backers’ agenda, namely, the destruction of the planet. Of course, this is not only a concern for us, but also for the Os – they have to live somewhere for a few more years than the Ts.

Hence the shutdown. It achieves the Ts’ ends for a while, and attempts to exploit the country’s distress to extract the maximum concession they can get on their agenda during this crisis. Note that we haven’t talked much about the Tea-partyers. They’re just pawns in a much bigger game and pawns are for sacrifice. As someone once said, “Follow the money.”

However, the O faction want their gravy train to continue – and they are not so old as to lose sight that their need to be a successful parasite has a different agenda, which is to increase the size of the money flow in the financial artery they are tapped into. The flow includes all the payment systems from the government to the people, and they know if the flow is reduced (cutting social security, eliminating ObamaScam) ) so is their revenue stream. They are also smart enough to know they need to take a percentage of the flow, not the whole flow, or their scam ends abruptly.

The Ts are in conflict with the Os, and their proxy fight is in the House. The House standoff will end when the Ts and the Os settle their differences, the Os (metaphorically) slaughter the T’s by threating their revenues or, after everything falls apart, whichever happens first. It is in the Os interest that everything does NOT fall apart, hence the threat to the T’s revenue – it helps that the banks are O’s territory.

Given the almost intractable problem between the Ts and Os – mutually conflicting greed – it may be that the Ts and Os have no room to compromise left. The T faction has taken an extreme step. This time, there is no compromise which appears to be available to save the collective reputation of the Ts and their Teaparty pawns (elected representatives) in the house, while enabling the Os to take a slightly bigger (in real $) sip from the money flow (aka: Obamacare).

Oh dear. What a pickle. What’s a poor (in their own minds) capitalist to do? The Ts are in real trouble. They have gone a bridge too far, and they can’t go back. But Teaparty actions are beginning to cause the Os concern by threatening their revenues, putting the Ts and the Os on a collision course.

How are the Ts and the OS going to settle their differences? Are the Os going to threaten the Ts (the Os include the Banks and most of Wall St)?

The question is not how the Representatives resolve their differences, they have none. The question is how will the two parts of the money party (capitalist oligarchy) resolve their differences?

Currently it appears the Ts, the Teaparty backers, are going to have to sacrifice their pawns, the Teapartyers If so the Ts lose to the Os, and destroy the Teaparty. The Os seem to be playing this game for the Ts to lose, for ever (The OLD Ts become extinct).

The least worst result, and the most immediate, is to keep the merry-go-round spinning, so we’d like the O’s to win – Obama is more of an O than a T. However, the Os are parasites, and they have grown too large.

Remember the Os are parasites – they are not our friends.

One problem at a time, we believe. The second problem is controlling parasites.

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