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Hope all of you are well this day.

Government Shutdown, Day 3

– White House says no to “legal veto” that forces Congress to extend the debt limit.

– No one likes the government. I mean no one. Don’t worry federal agencies, people still support majority of them even with shutdown.

– Government shutdown felt in places like France as well. Literally.

– What should I think now? Death of individuals in Tenn. bus crash won’t be investigated because of shutdown.

– “Rania Khalek: Government shutdown means halting social services while maintaining NSA spying, deportations and continuing drone strikes in Afghanistan

– Many will see their food security at risk because of shutdown.

– Jon Stewart and John Oliver talk about the government shutdown.

International Developments

– Oh no. Whatever shall we do? “The government shutdown has cut into efforts to enforce economic and trade sanctions against Iran and Syria, an official said.”

– “Protesters clashed with riot police in Mexico City, leaving dozens injured as thousands of people marched to mark the anniversary of the 1968 massacre of students.”

– 100% agree. Costas Lapavitsas states that Golden Dawn won’t be defeated by crack down, but a change in society that shows their policies as anti-working class.

– Fitting “Nikos Michaloliakos, the Golden Dawn leader, has been taken to Korydallos prison in Piraeus. He is expected to remain there until this trial for masterminding and involvement in a criminal gang” and much more in live blog.

– US places sanctions on Rwanda for use of child soldiers.

– “As the Supreme Court of Brazil orders a retrial of convicted PT politicians, Joao Pedro Stedile, Leader of the Landless Rural Workers Movement, says the mass movement must become capable of setting the political agenda ”

– Poland’s Catholic Church rejects request for damages of victim affected by pedophile priest.

– Venezuela to US: We’re warning you, we could kick out all US diplomats.

– Thought we won’t know? “Amid the hoopla of the government shutdown, the White House quietly passed a bill Monday that overrides a law banning military aid to countries that use child soldiers.”

What’s going on so far in Brazil? [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

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