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“REnegotiate” or else.

Republicans are not requesting that President Obama and the Dems negotiate to end the shutdown. They are not even asking that the Dems negotiate on Obamacare either.  They are DEMANDING that the President of the United States and the Democrats “REnegotiate” Obamacare after both parties negotiatED, and that is with an “E” and a  “D”, past tense.  Dems DebatED, AmendED, ConferencED, and CompromisED, for 1 whole year from March 2009 through March 2010 with Republicans on Obamacare.  They then VotED, PassED, SignED, EnactED, and AppropriatED this law as mandatory spending in compliance with the U.S. Constitution.
The Republicans are saying “ReOPEN those negotiations that took place from 2009 to 2010 or we will hurt these 800,000 American workers, of which up to 200,000 are military veterans.”  They are not asking for negotiations.  They are demanding “REnegotiations.”  The ransom has not been paid, and now they have followed through with their threat to initially hurt 800,000 hostages with up to 200,000 of them being military veterans, many disabled.

It is OK if they want to argue that they are using their constitutional legislative and purse powers to shut down the government (put a hurtin’ on those people), but Democrats cannot let them get away with pretending that the Democrats did not follow the constitution when they passed this law.  The Democrats used the constitution to pass a law to help people and the Republicans are using the constitution to put a hurtin’ on people, with up to 200,000 of them being military veterans who served their nation in uniform.  Republicans are demanding that Pres. Obama and the Dems build them a time machine so that they can go back into time and REnegotiate and REdebate what the President and the Dems already negotiated and Debated for one year. They are saying “Build that time machine or we will start puttin’ a hurtin’ on those American workers and those veterans!”  Their demands were not met and they followed through with their threat and are now puttin’ a hurtin’ on those American workers and those veterans.

Dems must stop Republicans and the media dead in their tracks the next time one of them says, “They won’t even negotiate…We only want them to negotiate…What’s wrong with negotiating?”  They are NOT asking to negotiate. They are demanding that Dems REnegotiate!  Dems must say, “We already Negotiated with them for a whole year four years ago.  We are not willing to REnegotiate and go back into time…This is not sci-fi.  This is about people’s very real health,  lives, and deaths, not to mention their ability to financially survive certain illnesses. ” Tell the truth and frame the issue correctly, please.

Photo from Paul Smith licensed under Creative Commons

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