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Late Night: The Roundup for October 4th, 2013

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Rest in peace Herman Wallace. Can’t believe it still.

Government Shutdown, Day 4

– Here are the 30 ways the Shutdown has already caused massive problems for people. Wait, it’s Day 4?

– Live updates of the Day 4 of the shutdown that shouldn’t happen because, you know…whatever.

– Republicans will stage “peacemeal” votes over the weekend. In other news, they’re still getting your money today.

– What’s going on with the government shutdown?

– Is another “grand betrayal” in the works?

– National Weather Service essential staff write “Please Pay Us” in a subtle way.

– At least Stewart has been on target with his writers over this. Can’t forget Colbert either.

International Developments

 The toxic legacy of Fallujah is much worse than Fukushima.

– Two Canadians were imprisoned in Egypt for just filming military brutality.

– Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were fired upon by the Egyptian army after they were protesting, something found illegal by the military aristocracy.

– 10 Brazilian police officers are being charged with torturing, killing and hiding the body of a bricklayer.

– FIFA President Sepp Blatter: We can’t turn “a blind eye” to the events in Qatar.

Financial Matters

– Note: this is not an Onion article. ExxonMobil has sued FX for the use of “XX” because they say they own it.  [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

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