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The Roundup for October 3rd, 2013

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Hope all of you are well this day.

Government Shutdown, Day 3

– White House says no to “legal veto” that forces Congress to extend the debt limit.

– No one likes the government. I mean no one. Don’t worry federal agencies, people still support majority of them even with shutdown.

– Government shutdown felt in places like France as well. Literally.

– What should I think now? Death of individuals in Tenn. bus crash won’t be investigated because of shutdown.

– “Rania Khalek: Government shutdown means halting social services while maintaining NSA spying, deportations and continuing drone strikes in Afghanistan

– Many will see their food security at risk because of shutdown.

– Jon Stewart and John Oliver talk about the government shutdown.

International Developments

– Oh no. Whatever shall we do? “The government shutdown has cut into efforts to enforce economic and trade sanctions against Iran and Syria, an official said.”

– “Protesters clashed with riot police in Mexico City, leaving dozens injured as thousands of people marched to mark the anniversary of the 1968 massacre of students.”

– 100% agree. Costas Lapavitsas states that Golden Dawn won’t be defeated by crack down, but a change in society that shows their policies as anti-working class.

– Fitting “Nikos Michaloliakos, the Golden Dawn leader, has been taken to Korydallos prison in Piraeus. He is expected to remain there until this trial for masterminding and involvement in a criminal gang” and much more in live blog.

– US places sanctions on Rwanda for use of child soldiers.

– “As the Supreme Court of Brazil orders a retrial of convicted PT politicians, Joao Pedro Stedile, Leader of the Landless Rural Workers Movement, says the mass movement must become capable of setting the political agenda ”

– Poland’s Catholic Church rejects request for damages of victim affected by pedophile priest.

– Venezuela to US: We’re warning you, we could kick out all US diplomats.

– Thought we won’t know? “Amid the hoopla of the government shutdown, the White House quietly passed a bill Monday that overrides a law banning military aid to countries that use child soldiers.”

What’s going on so far in Brazil?

Financial Matters

– “The Ripping of the Social Contract” and more by Bill Moyers

– As expected, consumer confidence has fallen.

– “The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has urged America’s warring politicians to settle their differences as she warned that an escalation of the budget row would harm the entire global economy.”

– Citigroup fined $30 million for tipping off “big clients” That’s one large slap on the wrist!

Surveillance Planet

– Much of the “Libertarian Outrage Over Gov Spying is Just Shilling for Private Industry Business

– 13 alleged members of Anonymous charged with “online attacks” on US companies

– Four years ago, the scandal of lying about “thwarted plots” happened.

– “When the Guardian offered John Lanchester access to the GCHQ files, the journalist and novelist was initially unconvinced. But what the papers told him was alarming: that Britain is sliding towards an entirely new kind of surveillance society.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– For any UMaryland students, this happened: “AFL-CIO donates labor archives to University of Maryland. The material will be stored in the Hornblake Library which is the university’s library for special collections.”

Politics USA

– Woman tries to enter the White House with car, but speeds off and is killed by police. More info here.

Democrat Wendy Davis throws her hat into the ring as she will be running for Governor of Texas.

Grandmother in New Hampshire killed by police after routine traffic stop.

– The view on undocumented immigrants by other Latinos is more positive now than before.

What’s the next steps for nonprofit journalism?

– Are you sitting at your desk? Get ready for this. In 2013, there were 335 newspaper stories of 2016 elections. 2009 had 132.

– Here are 20 facts from the Pew Research Center.

– Colbert’s hilarious segment on O’Reilly and his thought that the Holy Spirit told him to write a book named “Killing Jesus”

– Pathetic human being Greg Gutfield calls meteorologist “sniveling beta-male” because he cried over the future (which is not a negative thing to do).

– New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority finds “unexpected” $1.9 billion dollars. Still decides to raise fares by 15% because why not?

“Millions of credit card numbers and passwords stolen in Adobe hack

Homeless students in New York: A study. Yeah, I can’t believe it either.

10 things to know Friday by the AP

“Obamacare is another private-sector rip off”

We Don’t Need No Education

– “How Common Core Is Slowly Killing My Child

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

26 states won’t expand Medicaid and will leave 8 million Americans uninsured.

– Doctors are “over-prescribing antibiotics” despite superbug fears

The War on Women

– “Most Men Allow Harmful Shit to Happen to Women, But I Won’t Anymore, and Neither Should You

– “Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) on Thursday dismissed female CNN host Carol Costello as “beautiful” but “part of the problem” after she confronted him about why the Republicans insisted on shutting down the federal government over President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.”

Planet Earth

What if we never had an EPA to begin with?

– “All-volunteer environmental organization Rising Tide has found a way to make the co-optation of their name by a new Disney-produced TV show play out to their own benefit. The show,  Agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D., debuted last week and is a spin-off of the popular superhero movie  The Avengers.”

– “The oceans are more acidic now than they have been for at least 300m years, due to carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, and a mass extinction of key species may already be almost inevitable as a result, leading marine scientists warned on Thursday.

Killer hornets have invaded parts of China and killed 42.

– Congress in Ecuador gives a-OK to drilling for oil.

Mixed Bag

– A newly-discovered tick was right under a scientist’s nose. No, I’m serious. It was right under his nose.

Those who read literary fiction can read emotion says study.

Which one is an article by the Onion?

Representative asked the U.S. Park Service Ranger why she was keeping out most tourists from the World War II Memorial, although veterans have been permitted to go inside.

“Last Thing Government Worker Needed Was Agency Labelling Him ‘Nonessential'”

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