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In tribute to Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner, the Over Easy community gathers to discuss news of the day of a morning.

The U.S. relationship developing with Iran has reached a point that the Iranian government has recognized favorably.

Iran’s parliament strongly endorsed President Hassan Rouhani’s diplomatic bid to dispel mistrust at the United Nations last week during a visit that ended with a phone call with President Barack Obama, the country’s semi-official news agency Iranian Fars said.

The backing from the assembly, controlled by political factions deeply loyal to Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is a further sign that Rouhani has the support of the Iranian establishment.

As sea ice diminished, the walrus population in Alaska grew with similar unprecedented numbers. The day that the U.N. reported there was definite relationship between human activity and warming of the atmosphere, observers saw colonies growing on Alaskan territory.

That same day, on the other side of the Arctic, federally funded observers aboard an aircraft photographed an estimated 10,000 walruses hauled out on land along Alaska’s north coast.  The walruses were forced ashore by the disappearance of Artic sea ice over their preferred feeding areas.

Violence drove more to flee the African continent, with dire results. Near Italy, many immigrants trying to reach shore perished as their boat sank.

At least 82 people have died after a boat carrying African migrants sank off the southern Italian island of Lampedusa, the island’s mayor says.

More than 140 have been rescued but hundreds are missing, officials say.

Passengers reportedly threw themselves into the sea as the vessel got into trouble and Italian officials were quoted as saying that dozens of people were still in the water.

Earlier this week, 13 migrants drowned while trying to reach Sicily.

Pressure on Qatar to develop better treatment of workers grew as the World Cup located in that country approached.

The ability of developing countries to negotiate with Qatar about worker welfare is affected by the fact that remittance money from migrant labour is an increasingly important part of their economies. Data published on Wednesday by the World Bank revealed 25% of Nepal’s economy is now derived from remittances whose value to developing countries is set to reach $540bn by 2016 – a projected rise of 30% on current levels. India, which provides hundreds of thousands of workers to Qatar, currently earns more remittance money than any other country – $71bn a year.


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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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