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How much is being sabotaged by Rethug operatives?

This is informed speculation, but someone must begin to investigate the degree to which rethug operatives have been actively sabotaging the online access to I live in Florida and have made six attempts over the last three days to get to the database and have not succeeded yet.

We know that this monkey-wrenching has been a standard rethug tactic from long ago to today. I’m guessing that the drones in the White House have not even considered this as a possibility.

Immediately, they need to hire some COMPETENT computer scientists and check if the same IP address are tying up excessive capacity by multiple logins and delaying tactics once connected. I’d bet this is happening on a very large scale.

They need to buy MORE Internet BANDWIDTH too! It is available as a commodity. All it takes is someone who knows how to access the massive national, private business capacity that is available for such instances.
The democratic suits are probably just sitting on their hands and waiting for the initial sign-up surge to subside, instead of temporarily upping their capacity to handle the surge in the first place.

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