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The Roundup for October 2nd, 2013

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Rest in peace Tom Clancy.

Hello, hope you are doing well this day.

Government Shutdown Day 2

– Jaded so far of this ridiculous game of high school. Here’s a live update of Day 2 of the shutdown.

– Barack Obama summons leaders of both leaders to discuss a plan to stop this shutdown. Also, he meets with bank leaders about the shutdown. Guess which one he lead the meeting and where he was lead.

“Each week that Republican politicians refuse to end the shutdown of the federal government results in 200 cancer patients being unable to enroll in treatment programs at the National Institutes of Health, 30 of them children. According to the Atlantic, the number came from a Wall Street Journal article with an interview with NIH director Francis Collins.”

Even the rich will feel the effects of the shutdown (not as much as the rest of us working Americans).

– Jon Stewart talks about the “march of dumbs.” 

– “Government shutdown’s consequences also rippled through food service and other non-federal industries as workers sent home.”+

– Republicans asked to give up salaries, “hilarity ensues”

International Developments

“After weeks of diplomatic wrangling over how to address the use of chemical weapons in Syria, international inspectors arrived in Damascus on Tuesday to oversee the dismantling of the country’s chemical weapons stockpile.”

– How a “controversial, racist book sparked a national uproar in Israel.” 

“People’s History of Gaza and Egypt” 

Gunfire upon Russian embassy in Libya. Four Libyans were wounded, but people are safe.

– Putin has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

– The rise of nationalist, neo-Nazi Greek party, Golden Dawn, is, unsurprisingly, at the same time with Greece’s growing economic crisis. Live blog on what is occurring in Greece with Golden Dawn and the trial involved with them (please go to jail, please go to jail, please go to jail)

– Status of Forces Agreement between US and Afghanistan unlikely as Karzai does not want wish death squads to be in Afghanistan.

– The Italian government has survived after Silvio Berlusconi and his party takes a “U-turn” from his threats.

“Three Venezuelan diplomats were ordered out of the United States on Tuesday in response to their government’s decision to expel three US officials from Venezuela, including the highest-ranking US envoy in the country.”

Financial Matters

– Economist Robert Pollin: There is no debt crisis occuring, interest payments on US debt is low.

– They are smart then. Nearly seven in 10 Americans believe that banks and large institutions have benefited from the economy recovery.

– Nigerian economy is threated by “pre-electoral feud.”

– Payroll firm ADP takes role of DoL and states that in September we added 166,000 jobs.

– Unnamed investors want Bill Gates to leave Microsoft for good.

Surveillance Planet

“A request by major technology firms to disclose more about US intelligence services’ data requests would ’cause serious harm to national security,’ the government said in a court filing Wednesday.”

“The head of the National Security Agency said Wednesday the secretive intelligence service does not compile data on Americans’ use of social networks, dismissing a media report as ‘wrong.'” Instead, he complies data on American use of email, phone calls, texts, cell phone use, etc.

– Good news as Ladar Levinson, the founder of secure email service Lavabit, has raised $20,000 so far for his trial.

– Emptywheel discusses James Clapper’s testimony here.

– This just in, NSA director admits to “misleading the public” on terror plots. In other words, someone you shouldn’t trust just said something that shouldn’t make you trust him even more.

Politics USA

Sean Hannity lies while Fox News shows why he lies. It’s that good.

 Fox News reporter feels best criticism of Obamacare is that it is offered in more than one language. Seriously. 

– Awards may affect performance of those in different fields, especially math.

– It may seem that early voting can affect overall turnout by lowering it.

– Hard times indeed. More children are living with their grandparents than before, indicating economic shift in social setting.

– Since it is Hispanic Heritage Month, here are five facts about Hispanics thanks to Pew Research Center. Also, Colbert talks about it more here.

– Read how the NFL covered up claims of concussions that players had.

“Revenge porn”, where private photos ex’s and spouses are publicly released, is now banned in California.

– “US authorities have arrested Ross William Ulbricht, 29, alleged to be the owner and operator of Silk Road, the best-known underground marketplace for the trade of illegal drugs on the internet.”

– Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is kept in “total isolation” and lawyers are asking the judge to change that or else the case will be affected.

– It is no wonder why prison, which holds 2.3 million people, is a lucrative big business.

– Things like this really irritates me. “Federal prison officials have agreed to transfer and treat an inmate who was eating his own feces after they were accused in court of placing sandbags around his cell to cover up the smell instead of giving him medical care.”

– AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio will now be overseen by a federal judge.

– “The Death Penalty Information Center in Washington reported this week that of the 1,348 executions that have taken place in the US since the death penalty restarted in 1976, more than half originated in only 2 percent of counties.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The extended shutdown may be a matter of “life and death.” 

Drinking too much coffee can lead to an early death a study suggests.

The War on Women

“Activists Unveil Massive Quilt Marking First National Memorial For Rape Survivors”

– Women’s groups in Bolivia are challenging the government to decriminalize abortion.

– “Marcel Edwards joined the U.S. Air Force in 1981 when she was 21, and served as a staff sergeant stationed at Pope Air Force Base in her home state of North Carolina. After a superior officer insisted on coming over to her house one day in 1989, her life was changed forever, she told AlterNet.”

Planet Earth

– The growing demand for a global takeover of the Fukushima power plant.

– The United States is experiencing increased energy production not because of alternative energy, but of oil and gas.

Radiation from fracking found in Pennsylvania river. Hey, why do we want this system again?

Mixed Bag

– John “Orangeman” Boehner has a message.

“A new process for creating high-tech carbon nanotube membranes out of a very common waste material — plastic bags — has been developed by researchers at the University of Adelaide.”

– The odds are that you may give birth to a boy or girl depending on your geographical location.

Mars may have evolved because of supervolcanoes.

– Exercise is just as great as taking pills for heart disease.

Which one is an article by the Onion?

– “Claiming that this could be America’s ‘big chance at big money,’ the Department of the Treasury announced Wednesday that the country was poised to enter a bonus financial quarter worth double the cash.”

– Woman states that John Boehner should have “courage of a terrorist.” 

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