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Who’s On First – Class WAR Edition

I firmly believe that this country is heading straight toward a civil war. I do not think it can be avoided. Regardless of of the police and military and all the civil authorities, that a large – and getting larger – contingent of the populace  has become totally enraged with those they deem  responsible for their ever worsening plight. Which ever group it maybe. Like Popeye,”That’s all they can stand, they can’t stands no more!” But this civil war will not be like the last one, not even close. I don’t support this. After all I’m a retired old guy who does not want to live his remaining years just trying to remain alive. But I do not at this stage see how it can be avoided.

And it will not be what one group does that will set it off but their attitude. The lack of remorse and even glee at doing it that will be the spark that lights the inferno.

For everyone who wishes to fight will eventually have access to the same armaments as everyone else, no matter which “side” they maybe on.  This has proven to be the case over and over again. From SE Asia to the Middle East and even to Eastern Europe.

There was a time, not long ago when identifying which “Side” someone was one was a fairly easy task. By their uniforms and the language spoken and even the weapons used. You knew who were the “Good Guys” and who were the “Bad Guys” or could easily find out. This is no longer the case. As we have seen in the Middle East, one’s enemy is really only identified by where they live and/or came from.

In the beginning it will be along identifiable class and/or ethnic/racial lines (though I don’t not think race or ethnicity will play as big a part as some may imagine). As conditions rapidly deteriorate though, this will be less and less easy until it is nearly impossible. Totally plunging the country into chaos. Even the military and police will be difficult to identify as to which group they support.

So when you consider the likely hood of civil war breaking out here try not to think of France or Russia or even some South American state. Think more of the Middle East where it is nearly impossible to know Who’s on First.

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