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The Roundup for October 1st, 2013

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Hello all. First day of a new month. Hope things are well for you.

Breaking News of the Day 

– The US government has officially shut down after no agreement could be reached between the two major parties. Here is a list of who is affected because of it.

– “US President Barack Obama has vowed not to allow Republicans to undermine his signature healthcare legislation as a condition to restart the US government.

– What is the similarities and differences between ’95-’96 shutdown and today’s? Also, how much does it cost? Well, history says A LOT. But the reports are saying 12.5 million dollars per hour.

– Who will be blamed? Unsure as both sides are blamed.

– Quinnipiac Poll: 72% of Americans do not like the idea of Congress shutting down the government.

International Developments

Russia is doubting whether mid-November date is good time to get Syria on board for peace talks.

– The UN is favored by 58% of Americans as conferences continue.

– Arnie Gundersen: Prime Minister of Japan is “lying to the Japanese people” about nucelar reactors and safety.

– Three US diplomats were expelled by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for “acts of sabotage.”

– We cannot forget Afghanistan, but we do. Meanwhile those in Afghanistan will always remember.

– 1,000+ is the amount of terror deaths in Iraq in September alone.

– “On the Sixth of October, It will be Army Day in Egypt!

“Israel is ready to act ‘alone’ to stop Iran making a nuclear bomb, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday in a hardline warning against rushing into deals with the new leadership in Tehran.”

– “When the moment of justice came for Golden Dawn it happened in a flash. One by one, the men who had headed the neo-Nazi party were delivered to court with lighting speed, black SUVs screeching to a halt as riot police kept onlookers at bay and agents in bulletproof vests and balaclavas pushed the burly politicians, handcuffed and smiling, into building number six.” Leaders of Golden Dawn brought to court for charges of murder and assault.  Also, horrible individual and wife of leader of Golden Dawn spits at reporter because she is the epitome of hatred and ignorance. Live blog of what is happening can be found here.

– “Jailed Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has ended her hunger strike after nine days, according to the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, as reported by The Associated Press. On Sunday, Tolokonnikova was moved to a prison hospital, and the state service says she is currently in stable condition.

– That’s what imperialism leads to. “Torture is widespread in Libyan detention centres run by brigades which emerged during the 2011 revolution, a UN report said Tuesday, urging Tripoli to bring all facilities under full state control.”

Financial Matters

– Current economic “recovery” is the slowest since Harry Truman’s administration. 

– It doesn’t end here at home. Young Scottish individuals are trapped in a system that breeds “low-paying, unstable jobs.” 

– Four companies that are “screwing their workers out of health insurance.” 

– Manufacturing is expanding to levels unexpected by economists.

“Stocks shrug US shutting down.” 

– “The World Trade Organization has about 20 working days left to stitch together the first global trade deal in two decades, but even the faster tempo of talks under new chief Roberto Azevedo may be too little, too late.

Surveillance Planet

– Enter the Guardian’s hub for all things surveillance related.

– “I’m working on a longer post on David Kris’ paper on the phone [and Internet] dragnets. But for the moment, I want to note that he strongly implies the US is relying on 18 U.S.C. § 2511(2)(f) to collect international metadata. He does it when he first introduces the phone dragnet secondary order (page 2).” Emptywheel has more.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– “Hospital budget cuts became viscerally visible earlier this month when Vanderbilt Medical Center announced that nurses must now perform housekeeping duties – cleaning patients’ rooms and bathrooms.

Politics USA

– Obamacare officially rolls in today. As expected, it faces glitches.

– Bad news. The Mars Rover is a part of what is shut down so far. 

– Stephen Colbert’s shows “Breaking Gov” and it’s hilarious.

– Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ), who has $6 million under his name, says the shutdown is his “idea of fun.”

– Elderly vets (peacefully) “storm” the WWII memorial. Can they storm Congress?

– Fox News doesn’t think this is a shutdown. I wonder what they call someone being fired. A long vacation perhaps?

“A military judge has decided against halting proceedings in the Sept. 11 terror attack case at Guantanamo Bay while the Pentagon tries to resolve computer network security issues.”

– “A judge in the US state of Louisiana has overturned the murder conviction of a terminally-ill prisoner [Herman Wallace] who has spent 40 years in solitary confinement.”

– Pro-Lhota PAC wants to not see limit on how much can be spent per person in NYC race (150K per person for those unaware) in lawsuit and spend lots of money because apparent it is speech.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– 21% of Americans without health insurance do not have internet. 

– Debating Obamacare between Dr. Margaret Flowers and economist Dean Baker.

1 in 4 senior citizens in Portugal are at risk into falling in poverty. 

– One in eight people around the world is hungry states UN report. Meanwhile, war is still considered serious to talk about and fund.

The War on Women

– The seven ways the shutdown affects women. 

– The daily commute for women are a “sexual harassment minefield.

Planet Earth

– 65% of Americans “favor the Keystone XL pipeline.” Breaking it down, it’s 82% of Republicans and 64% of Independents for it as well. Interestingly, 51% (v 43%) of Democrats also favor it. Hey environmentalists, get on this right now. Good news as more Americans want restricting of emissions and are against fracking.

– Another person, Chef Alice Waters, joins the fight against fracking.

– Forget about climate change, we need to prepare for a climate catastrophe waiting to occur.

– Nuclear power plant in Sweden was shut down because of jellyfish. They know about climate change and are starting to rebel.

– World’s largest coal mine to run out in 17 years.

– Judge in Brazil dismisses oil spill case against Chevron.

Mixed Bag

– How are the reading habits of Americans so far?

– Korean scientists have created biofuel out of E.Coli bacteria strain.

Roach society is like our own society, scientists say. So much so, they have their own insufficient Congress that takes money from corporate industry.

– Black holes make have “hair”.

Which one is an article by the Onion?

– Rob Schneider states he hasn’t made a movie in California “in seven years because of Democrats.”

– “Extremely vibrant town” able to sustain two Buffalo Wild Wings

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

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