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Over Easy: Monday Science

May be extinct soon

Where is the Tuna fish? You didn’t bring any Tuna fish?!?


Well, the “news” out of Fukushima isn’t getting worse and for those of you who’ve been reading here, it ain’t really news. First, they’re reporting a “mysterious black substance” that flew over Tokyo about 10 days after the big explosions in #3. This goes well with the unidentified (speculated to be cyanobacteria mats) radioactive black fungus reported earlier. Ever wondered what a used fuel pellet looks like when they pull it from a rod for reprocessing? Brittle substance that crumbles rapidly to black powder.

FDA has banned agriculture products from 14 prefectures.

Russia bans 8 prefectures.

Meanwhile, Japan allows “test fishing” and will allow it to be sold if it passes tests. Anybody wanna bet on the results of THAT test? Didn’t think so…

Spiders fly for miles, though HOW they do it has always been a mystery.  Until now. Flying spiders?!? Excuse me, I’m gonna go buy a GIANT glass dome for my house.

NatGeo’s take on the climate change report that came out Friday.

New form of matter could lead to practical light sabres!

An update on the state of fusion power. Fusion power has been 20 years away my whole life. We have a perfectly good fusion reactor in the center of the solar system that has functioned for billions of years and still has billions of years left on hte warranty. We just need to plug in.

Here’s a PRACTICAL improvement in superconductivity.

A particle accelerator on a chip! No mere child’s toy, this one can deliver the power of SLAC’s 1 mile long pipe in about 100ft.

There is water on Mars. A lot of it.

A neutron star that changes from X-ray emissions to radio and back again. This one boggled my mind, that’s just a tremendous change in power! Theory is that x-rays from the accredation disk from the stars companion overwhelm the more normal x-rays.

The endangered Scottish wildcat. I never knew there was any such thing, either.

Boxturtle (Sweet Corn all gone from farmers markets *SOB*)

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