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Now is the Time for All Good DC Hookers to Come to the Aid of Their Country

Larry Flint’s offer to pay $1 million for evidence of Congressional hanky-panky brought down Newt Gingrich

So we’ve discovered that, so far, the rebranded John Birch types of the Astroturf “Tea Party” wing of the GOP are remarkably resistant not only to reason and compassion, but also to pleas from the US Chamber of Commerce and even the anti-tax CEO “deficit hawks”whose interests they allegedly serve.

What might get these giggling mad toddlers to shape up and grow up? About the only thing I can think of would be this: If all the Beltway sex workers who have Tea Party congresscritters and senators for clients were to make sex tapes of themselves with their clients and arrange for them to fall into the hands of Larry Flynt.

Many of you folk might remember when Larry Flynt, sickened by the grotesque hypocrisy of the Capitol Hill Republicans attacking Bill Clinton over his private life, offered to pay $1 million to any person or persons who could provide him with iron-clad evidence of congressional or senatorial hanky-panky by any of the elected officials currently castigating President Clinton. His efforts led to the downfall of both Newt Gingrich and alleged BDSM aficionado Bob Livingston, and very nearly derailed the impeachment juggernaut.

It looks like it’s time once again for some DC hypocrites and liars to have their hypocrisies exposed. Patriotic prosties, step forward! Your country needs you!

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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