The prefrontal cortex is considered the executive processor of the brain where decision making takes place.    People with damaged prefrontal cortexes are not able to have compassion for others and make decisions that place others before themselves.  Typically these types of people are classified as psychopaths and our prisons are full of them.    I tend to believe politicians qualify as well.   But, what does this have to do with Obamacare?

For several decades now scientists have been examining the brain with MRI’s that allow them to see the actual neural networks and regions of the brain used in decision making.  Fortunately ,spider monkeys are no longer needed for research since American voters make much more interesting subjects, and as it turns out, are not much better at making decisions (my opinion).    In addition, there is an abundance of voters on college campuses eager to have their brains bombarded by electromagnetic waves for beer money.  Besides, knowing how voters think and using that information to control, sway and push voters emotions in desired directions is much more profitable to the psychopathic politician or patisan psychologist  consumed with ideological self interest.     In fairness, I’ll let you apply the term psychopathic to the nut of your choice:  George Bush or Barack Milhouse Obama.     Enough with the drivel anarcrites.

I will not link to articles or research supporting this knowledge, or ignorance to the judging majority, because I frankly hate the existence of this Orwellian sh_t and you can find it yourself.     I will however reference Obama’s interest in mind mapping and controlling the masses here and here.     Again, in fairness, I’m sure the right is just as interested and involved.

What has been learned about the decisions made by voters is that they have more to do with emotions than rational thought and the informed voter is less likely to arrive at a rational decision than the, so called, low information voter.    A prominent psychologist examined the brains of partisan voters by giving them contradictory statements made by George Bush and John Kerry.   He then asked them to rate the inconsistencies of both candidates.   He found that Democrats were most disturbed by George Bush’s inconsistent statements and Republicans were disturbed by Kerry’s statements.    By studying these subjects under an MRI he witnessed the brain attempting to maintain it’s partisan reasoning process.   The subjects were using regions of the brain associated with emotion like the prefrontal cortex to make decisions.  What this showed is that the subjects were not using reasoning to analyze facts, they were using reasoning to maintain their partisan beliefs.

We can easily see this by reading the partisan posts regarding climate change, obamacare, immigration etc. on FDL, or to be fair any conservative blog.  FDL is extremely partisan, sorry people, I respect you, but many of the posts serve no purpose other than to affirm your beliefs,  not examine thought and arrive at a rational decision.   I admit the same.   A study was done in the 1976 elections, during the final weeks of the campaign, where 500 voters were analyzed and it was found that only 16 changed their voting decision.  A whopping .3%.  But, in an election thats enough.     This emotion over rational thought tends to explain the emotional framing of elections and people.  Republicans are framed as racists, haters, etc.  Democrats as tax and spend liberals, latte drinking prius drivers and tree huggers, socialists, communists etc.

Minds are difficult to change, they are stubborn and impermeable since we already know what we believe.    And that’s where we are on Obamacare, both sides dug in and refusing to budge, absent rational thought.