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The Heritage Foundation Designed Obamacare to Preclude Single Payer.Republicans Win Again!

Obamacare was/is the invention of the hard right.It was born in the Heritage Foundation in the early 1990’s as an alternative to single payer, should  the establishment ever be threatened by single payer. the Republicans introduced it as a bill in 1993. Bob Dole ran on Obamacare in 1996 and Mitt enacted it in Mass. in the early 2000’s.

Although Obamcare  does offer corporate health coverage for some who have none, it does not lower costs in a meaningful way. and the same bargain you give away any chance of single payer as you write into law, through  mandate, corporate control of the health system. The opposite of medicare/caid single payer ect.

Healthcare costs will never go down significantly under Obamacare because their corporate profits are tied to them. Get it.

The importance of this issue can not be overstated because all the austerity both parties forward would be unnecessary if we had single payer system like any other industrialized country. Lowering our healthcare costs to the 11 to 13 percent that these countries pay ,almost brings our national account into balance-that’s how big the healthcare  costs are as a piece  of the pie. Those costs are now and will continue to be the basis for their “austerity measures”.

These are the same Democracts and Republicans who voted to make it illegal(because it was legal) the re importation of prescription drugs. This  precluded the american taxpayer from 100’s of billions in savings, even more 100’s of billions  savings for consumers through the re-import of drugs manufactured here and sold to the world at 10 cents on the dollar.Stop and think. Would a group of individuals who would do that  EVER try and lower your health costs? You cant be that stupid. Yet this Obamacare scheme, designed by these same people, that turns over the system to a handful of corporations is reasonable. I dont get it.

The only reasonable course of action is to oppose Obamcare, what will when implemented be, the end of any hope of single payer and ending of their stated cause for austerity. I say single payer is worth fighting for. It is the great equalizer. The more rich share your healthcare system, the better it will be. The more separated, the worse your healthcare will be. If they, their kids go to same doctors hospitals as you your kids, you will have good healthcare.

Obamacare separates you from that bond that assures good healthcare. The american people across the political spectrum endorsed a public option in huge numbers over 70%, even republicans. The president isolated the part of the party supporting a public option, a majority of the party and forwarded the the right-wing agenda of handing more and more power to a select few parasitic corporations. Thats worth fighting against.

For those who support Obamacare they should answer the following questions:

1. How have healthcare corporations every made healthcare better ? more efficient? cheaper?

2. How do you  reduce costs if their corporate profits are tied to healthcare?

3. Does Obamacare  empower the worst actors who are proven failures? is that reasonable?

4. How do you get the money for other social programs under the projections for Obamacare?

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