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Is Obama Considering Invoking The Fourteenth Amendment?

Is President Obama considering invoking the Fourteenth Amendment to avoid a catastrophic default on our debts and other obligations?

Apparently both Tim Kaine and Rachel Maddow — the former a friend of and often a surrogate for Obama, the latter someone known for transmitting Obama talking points — think so: “However, last night [Thursday] Rachel mentioned the section of the Constitution (14th amendment) that says the US has to pay it’s bills, meaning the President can act alone if the Congress can’t do it. This morning [Friday], Sen Tim Kaine, good bud of the pres, quoted the same portion. I now think the President plans to use that and raise the ceiling himself. At this point, it seems the shutdown is inevitable though.”

Here’s the link from Rachel Maddow’s show. The mention of Obama possibly invoking the 14th starts at 6:19 into the segment.

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