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The Roundup

Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli: ” no one…has done more to protect women…than I have.”

Hello everyone. Hope your day was bright.

International Developments

“Iran has sharply criticized the U.N. nuclear watchdog over “baseless allegations” about its atomic activity, a document showed before talks between the two sides on Friday to discuss a stalled inquiry into suspected bomb research by Tehran.”

– Russia will guard Syria’s chemical weapon sites and ensure their destruction, but do not want the weapons to be sent to Russia.

– Volunteers in Syria attacked by either Assad’s forces or by the rebels. 

There is a difference between military aid and humanitarian aid in Syria.

– The mall attack in Kenya has been linked to Kenya’s role in the global war on terror. In other words, everything Jeremy Scahill said is true and you should go out and read his book.

“US Secretary of State John Kerry and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi agreed Thursday on the need for a positive response by Iran in renewed nuclear talks, a US official said.”

– One of the founders of The Pirate Bay has had his sentence cut in half.

– 4,000 lives will die, or 12 a week, if action is not taken against “slaves” being used for the World Cup in Qatar. 

– One British woman is now being sought after by Interpol in the attacks related to the mall attack in Kenya.

“Human Rights Watch on Thursday urged Israel to stop trying to displace Bedouin families in the West Bank, where the army last week manhandled European diplomats on an aid mission.”

– Malala Yousafzai urges UN to send books, instead of weapons into Pakistan.

– Militants in the Kashmir region of India have killed eight officers there after disguising themselves as soldiers.

– The head of Barilla, a Italian pasta company, states that gays “can eat someone else’s pasta.” Slight innuendo perhaps?

Financial Matters

– JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon will meet with the Department of Justice on Thursday to discuss the charges against JPMorgan and the $11 billion settlement. Or might not. Who knows?

– “The US economy grew at a sluggish 2.5% on an annual rate between April and June according to the latest official measure of the country’s economic health.

– Evangelos Venizelos: “We understand very, very well how difficult it is for every government to accept debt relief. … Our demand is not debt relief. It is additional reprofiling without problem, without additional burden for our institutional partners,” Says the person who has two positions in government. 

– It was ! “At this time of the month it might not be that unusual to log on to your online banking and find it somewhat depleted, but customers at Nationwide building society were shocked yesterday to find they apparently had no cash at all.”

– Matt Taibbi explains how Wall Street is stealing funds for public pensions. [cont’d.]

Photo by Gage Skidmore under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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