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Over Easy: …one more thing


…one more thing.

When you are reading this, I will be in California, prepping for a morning flight from Oakland to San Diego, and won’t be here to host. So this morning’s Over Easy is a sampling of things from here and there that I found particularly interesting, not especially time sensitive, and perhaps good conversation starters. Or, as often happens, choose your own topic(s). Carry on!

I was never a big fan of Ana Marie Cox when she appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show. Somehow she comes across as a bit of an airhead, which probably is unfair. But I did find this column especially compelling. Gives those of us in favor of gun control some talking points.

What Not To Say After a Mass Shooting

Yves Smith (Susan Webber) recounts an eye-opening adventure (actually, two) she recently had with her bank.

TD Bank: “We Don’t Have to Obey the Law” on Check Processing

How many of us have had similar experiences? I do know that real humans don’t look at checks much any more, the payee or the signature line — or the endorsement.

On the surveillance front (you knew I would, didn’t you?), a browser extension lets you insert a random selection of keywords, like “terrorist,” “pressure cooker,” “Al Qaeda,” etc. to the address of every website you visit. The purpose apparently is to overload the NSA with “noise” as it filters through our communications.

New browser extensions let you hit the NSA where it hurts: in the data

Barry Friedman, a frequent commenter at Charlie Pierce’s Politics blog (who has hosted occasionally when Pierce is away), is a stand-up comedian, author, and a monthly columnist for Tulsa People. He’s Jewish, and in his comments he frequently riffs on Jewish stereotypes–hilariously. Here’s a recent one, and I chuckled over it off and on all day.

The GOP is worse than a table full of Jewish women at a restaurant: “We want war … uh, no we don’t, okay, we do … you know, maybe not. What comes with that? Oh, we don’t like any of your sides. Who’s back there cooking? Oh, really? Okay, what else do you have? You know, nothing sounds good. Really, a free meal? Nah, we don’t like your portions. Can we have another waiter? It’s just we feel like you’re not really listening to us and we don’t know how we can be any clearer.”

And, OOPS!

On a more serious note, this caught my eye from a Facebook post last week, from

Next time you judge someone using food stamps, I do my nails myself, my phone has been my Christmas gift from my dad for the last 3 years, my bag is a knock off, my car belongs to my mom, my son’s name brand clothes are from Goodwill, and I work two jobs. Forgive me for not looking “poor enough” for your stereotypical view of poverty. I forgot that I’m required to dress in rags in order to appease your prejudice.

Maybe we all–including moi–should be less judgmental of those in need, who should have the same right to personal dignity and personal choices as those of us more financially comfortable.

Good deed of the day: Stop the Monsanto Protection Act. Please sign and circulate. I like the names attached to this petition!

Finally, my 19-year-old grandson is going to need this someday! I am horrified at some of the things he posts on FaceBook (language, mostly, nothing truly ugly). Hope Indiana follows California’s example.
‘Eraser’ law will let California kids scrub online past

Have a great day and great weekend, everyone!

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