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Go Ahead you F**KERS —- JUMP !

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Ted Cruz who has become the darling of the Tea Party movement but who is nothing more than another spoiled brat rich kid, has become the darling of the tea party republicans. More spoiled brat rich kids. His grandstanding in the senate floor accomplishing nothing. Wanting to rid the country and themselves of the Affordable Care Act but mainly to rid themselves of Obama and anyone to the political left of Obama.

They hate poor people and hate anyone who is not white and especially anyone who is not white and poor and may get something from the government.

But now the house tea party brats want to to use this as a push to shut down the government. Now this has been done before with little consequence.    And over other piss ass disagreements. Even under Reagan and Bush I. In just three days we will supposedly be out of money…which we  already don’t have.

This time it’s a little different though.  What has been keeping the economy afloat here as well as else where is the Federal Reserve buying up government bonds and such. The so called QE (Quantitative Easing). Both over and under the table.

But we have seen that even a hint of changing this could have dire and immediate effects on the stock market, and there for the entire economy. And not just here.  We have had shutdowns before but not ones that indicated we might default on our debt.

Though the WH seems concerned and some of the more emotionally stable republicans are concerned, there is a contingent in this country that is not.

Who are fed up with the temper tantrums that have been emerging from Washington of late. A contingent who’s attitude is GO AHEAD….JUMP !

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