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Germany’s Chaos Computer Club cracked the iPhone’s latest security.

Tonight’s musical selection is “This Ain’t Living” by Caxton Press.

Boing Boing reports that hackers at the Chaos Computer Club have cracked the iPhone’s celebrated new fingerprint security:

Starbug, the Chaos Computer Club hacker who broke the fingerprint biometric security on the Iphone, has given an interview [German] to CT Magazine detailing the hack, and released a new video showing how he did it.

‘In the end it, remove the fingerprint in a realistic usage scenarios directly from an iPhone succeeded. Here, a scanner with 2400 DPI was used. Subsequently, this fingerprint is digitally enhanced in order to print on a transparent film (1200 dpi), which was then used as a mask for exposing a printed circuit board. Protected by the black areas in front of the UV light structures do not harden and can then be etched away. This yields a form that serves as a template for creating artificial fingerprints. This is done by spraying with graphite, which is then applied wood glue is then used as a skin-like support material. The video shows that the iPhone is accepted as the created fingerprint harmless dummy.’

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