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Stephanie Flanders: From BBC Economist to JP Morgan Employee

Stephanie Flanders

A short trip from BBC reporter to Wall Street talking head.

So what of the previous 11 years of the BBC’s Stephanie Flanders “journalism?”

Following a tradition established by esteemed institutions like the SEC in the USA, the BBC’s Ms Flanders has decided to chuck in her job as chief economics correspondent of the BBC and join JP Morgan – you know – the too-numerous-to-count scandal afflicted investment bank with the wire up the US president’s ass.

One has to ask of Ms Flander’s output over those years of loyal service (to whom?). Is a single word she uttered credible.

Clearly, Ms Flanders expected no such reaction as this….viz

In my new job, I’ll have more time and resources for research and I’ll get a deeper understanding of the markets, from inside one of the world’s most experienced financial institutions.

I’ll also be helping to grow a business. That’s something I’ve never done before. Having spent all of my working life as an economist, talking about the market economy – this feels like the right time to give it a try.

Oh dear. There were many, many stories she could have covered. Thankfully, we have Matt Taibi for that. He won’t be joining a major investment bank any time soon.

Good bye Ms Flanders. We at least now know what you were about all those years. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out of the human race.

Steve Bell in the Guardian today captured so perfectly the ludicrous, pathetic, craven, one percent kow-towing modern BBC “news” service in a single cartoon. Enough said.

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