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Good day y’all.

Breaking News of the Day

– Obama talks today at the UN on Syria and other related issues. Claims that he was “always for diplomacy.”

– “Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, declared that “peace is within reach” on Tuesday, in a hotly anticipated speech at the United Nations in which he offered immediate negotiations aimed at removing any “reasonable concerns” over his country’s nuclear programme.

– Meanwhile, Netanyahu remarked that Iran should not be trusted as they are hypocrites.

– He loves me, he loves me not. Despite the numerous posts over the past two weeks of their meeting, Rouhani did not meet with Obama. 

International Developments

– President of Kenya remarks that attack is over and three floors of the mall have been destroyed. Meanwhile, one of the attackers remarked that we “are not monsters” after handing a chocolate bar to a four year old child.

Timeline of events in Kenya. 10 things to know about the extremist group, al-Shabaab.

– Unsure on who al-Shabaab is and what is occurring in Kenya? Jeremy Scahill gives an explanation.

– Updated analysis of Angela Merkel’s win with a lack of a majority by five seats.

“Shahzad Akbar, the lawyer challenging US-led drone warfare in Pakistan, has been blocked by the U.S. Department of State from appearing before a Congressional ad hoc hearing with his clients who have survived drone strikes in their town. Rafiq ur Rehman – a teacher in a primary school in North Waziristan – lost his mother in the same October 2012 drone attack that hospitalized his children Nabila and Zubair. “

– Inspiring. Rival hip-hop bands in Greece have come together to denounce the attack by Golden Dawn and against them as well.

“US Secretary of State John Kerry will this week sign the first global treaty to regulate the $80 billion annual trade in conventional arms, seeking to stem the flow of weapons used in war crimes and genocide.”

– Pakistan experiences a 7.7 earthquake that leaves 46 dead and a new island.

– Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot member who went on a hunger strike, sent to isolation unit. [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.