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The Roundup

1924 Chrysler Touring Car, the first car to wear the Chrysler nameplate. Roar Twenties, Roar.

Hello all. Hope you are well this day.

International Developments

While most of the hostages have been freed, the standoff in a Kenyan mall by Somalia terror group, al-Shabaab, is not yet over as it ends its third night.

– Obama offers “support to Kenya” as the FBI sets to investigate the ties to American civilians with the terror group in the attack on the mall.

– Senators call for Obama to still act tough over Iran for no reason at all.

– The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, once in power, is now banned based on an Egyptian court’s ruling.

– Jim White at has a great piece on Afghanistan, security and what has been a result of 12 years of learning nothing by the US.

– Despite positive reactions to Pope Francis’ words, there is still a problem with the Vatican contradicting what he feels.

– Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, a member of Pussy Riot, has declared a hunger strike while in jail to protest conditions there. Here’s Sara’s take.

– Sudan, which has avoided an “Arab Spring”, had police officers firing “tear gas on demonstrators protesting” numerous problems with their government from corruption to fuel subsidies.

Financial Matters

– Chrysler, the Detroit automaker, is preparing for its IPO. Here’s the interesting part: “The shares that will be sold are owned by a United Auto Workers-run trust that pays the health care costs for around 130,000 blue-collar Chrysler retirees. The trust currently owns a 41.5 percent stake in Chrysler, and will get all of the proceeds from the sale if it goes forward.”

In other news, “General Motors Co (GM.N) said on Monday it would buy back just under half of its preferred shares held by the United Auto Workers healthcare trust for about $3.2 billion, essentially cutting company costs by financing the deal with lower-cost debt.”

– $6000. That’s how much the average American family pays big business in subsidies…a year.

– Uh-oh, what’s the punishment now? Time out in the corner? “Bank of America Corp heads to trial this week over allegations its Countrywide unit approved deficient home loans in a process called “Hustle”, defrauding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the U.S. government enterprises that underwrite mortgages.”

Surveillance Planet

– “The program is so secret, so powerful, and so alarming that agents “are instructed to never refer to Hemisphere in any official document,” according to a recently released government PowerPoint slide.” Who is being talked about? The NSA you say? Actually, it’s the DEA. [cont’d.]

Photo by The Henry Ford under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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