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Scared to death……

My mother and father both were in the service during WWII. Both went trough the depression. There was a draft and everyone had to serve in the military up until 1973. Even Elvis served.

The one thing that impressed me about this was the attitudes of those people were quite different that those now. I guess after having seem and participated in such they became more resilient and more comfortable with themselves and their situation. I noticed this with those Vietnam Vets I knew when I was in college as well.

These days however it’s seems like the people who did not have this experience seem less so. Even scared of their own shadow. Trying to run away or lock themselves away from themselves and life. They will try to ignore or hide from that which is unpleasant. Convinced that life owes them a life of comfort and security or that they can put it all on their charge card.

Scared people are very hard to get along with,

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